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10 New Appears for Fireplaces in Older Homes

Living in the Midwest, we utilize our fireplace a good deal in the winter. A glowing hearth can add such warmth to a room, both literally and figuratively. This really is a bonus in an old home with quite old windows that allow out quite a bit of valuable warmth in the winter.

In most older homes like my very own, the living area is centered around the fireplace, mechanically placing your mantel as the focal point within the room. Finishing and accessorizing your fireplace and mantel can completely alter the atmosphere in a room you probably spend most of your time — if it is fireplace season or maybe not.

Julie Williams Design

At times it seems there isn’t anyplace else for the TV to go except above the mantel. I’m sure the first owners of our old homes could never imagine such a thing, but now it is common and can be carried out in a way that doesn’t detract from the room’s decor. The dark paint on the woodwork can help to disguise the TV better than if it had been painted white like the shelves.

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Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

This Craftsman-style fireplace is extremely popular in 1920s and 1930s bungalows. This chamber has a contemporary approach that starts with the tile surrounding the fireplace. The rest of the room pulls in the deep browns and caramel colors found in the tile.

Judith Balis Interiors

This is a very different way to dress up a Craftsman-style fireplace. Talk about glam! The bold colors and the striped couch are meant to be paired with that mirror. Also, notice how the fireplace just seems to blend into the decoration. Since black is utilized throughout the plan, the fireplace doesn’t look overly heavy but still seems to anchor the space.

Emily Ruddo

This fireplace mantel blends into the background. The colour closely matches the wall color, while bright accessories top the mantel and bold fabrics draw your attention away in the fireplace. This may be a fantastic way to use when your fireplace isn’t functional but still acts as a fixture in the room.

Kathleen Ramsey

I like the grey tones used in this tile. The mantel was painted in one of those darker hues, which makes it a little more dramatic than if it was painted lighter. The accessories and artwork are kept simple and neutral.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Brick fireplaces are common in older homes. If brick isn’t your style, just paint it. This painted white brick lightens a space already saturated in colour and gives your eyes a break. Without making the mantel busy straightforward accessories provide height.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

The owners have left this beautiful timber mantel in its first state. So many older mantels are painted, so we never see their first glory. Even though the mantel appears very conventional, a patterned tile is utilized that’s echoed in the varied bold prints of the carpet and the ottoman. This chamber proves you can have a conventional finish but combine it with bold, fresh patterns.


Modern art with this fireplace pairs well with the more traditional decoration to maintain the room feeling upgraded.

Kevin Kelly Interiors

This mantel is dressed with an oversized mirror with a scale that matches the height of the ceiling. This helps draw up the eyes to that gorgeous crown molding that’s frequently found in older homes. And did you observe the whimsical larger-than-life lamp in the corner?

Julia Ryan

This is a notion that we’re considering doing in our formal living room. You can extend your fireplace by adding ornaments to the ceiling and painting it the same colour. This creates a great backdrop for art and would suit board and batten or trimming already on your own space. The bottom ledge offers a wonderful place for decoration. Many men and women use a candelabra in a fireplace when it is not being used, but the plate and also books have a more eclectic and contemporary feel.

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Guest Groups: Talkin' Turkey

Whether you’re novice or a specialist, whether it’s your very first turkey or your 50th, we need your main dish this Thanksgiving to be among the record books. There are particular essentials you need to cook the perfect turkey, and we’ve gathered 20 of our favorite products which we believe are must-haves for paying honor to the celebrity of this table this holiday season.

Heather and Vanessa from In the Picket Fence

Pottery Barn

Bountiful Turkey Serving Platter – $79

We can’t think of a beautiful way to present the crown jewel of this Thanksgiving feast compared to with this gorgeous platter. The colours catch the gist of harvest year, and we would love to get this gracing our tables this year.


Rachael Ray Red Open Roaster with V-Shape Rack – $59.99

A roaster may be a Thanksgiving essential, however they do not have to cost a arm and a leg. We adore this beautiful reddish version from the Rachael Ray set at Target.

Big Chill

Big Chill Retro Stove, Cherry Red | Big Chill – $4,295

If the turkey is the celebrity of Thanksgiving, the oven is where the conversion occurs. In our dream world, this reddish variety would have us speaking turkey daily.


“Thanksgiving” Cookbook – $15.95

We can practically smell this turkey! The cover of this beautiful cookbook is simply a sampling of all the wonderful recipes and tips you’ll find inside. Take your time to pore over every page and revel in planning for this particular period of collecting together.


Apple & Spices Turkey Brine – $18

Using a brine can be a great way to add flavor to your bird. We love this mix, which has all the ingredients that you need to take the guesswork from brining.

Acorn Twine Holder | Williams Sonoma – $29.95

This is the way you shop kitchen twine in fashion. The acorn shape captures all the best of autumn, and we would have to keep it on our counters yearlong. We just love the way the smooth end of this alder wood turns this functional kitchen item to a work of art.


Cuisipro┬« Dual Baster and Flavor Injector – $10

We definitely belong to the “turkey basting” camp. After all, who needs dry turkey? This fantastic baster serves two purposes, basting and injecting flavor, for the perfect turkey every time.


Hamilton Beach Electric Roaster Oven – $79.95

Just say no more stuffing — your oven, which is. We love the notion of freeing up much-needed oven space by using this stainless steel, electrical countertop roaster to cook your turkey.


Turkey Fryer – 3 in 1 Multi-Use – $59

Turkey? Good. Fried? Good. Fried Turkey? Yes, please! You won’t need to be worried about a crispy coating once you use this 3-in-1 turkey fryer. We have it on good authority that guys adore fried turkey.


All-Clad Instant Read Digital Thermometer – $39.95

Maintaining its temperature might not be the most glamorous part of cooking the bird, but it is undoubtedly the most important. So why not take it in fashion? We adore this sleek digital meat thermometer for taking the guesswork out of getting the meat just perfect.


Rococo Potholder – $12

It is possible to pull your turkey from the oven or fryer in style with these gorgeous cotton bud holders. We think they’d be perfect for the entire holiday season.

Food Network Store

Sili Gourmet Oval Turkey Lifter – $34.95

For an alternate to heaving that turkey from the roaster, how about utilizing this Sili Sling Lifter? We love that you can actually roast the turkey directly on it and then lift it from the pan. Sounds a lot less messy to us!

Mountain Woods

Acacia Turkey/Roasted Meat Serving Board – $34.95

We adore the dual purpose of this acacia wood carving board. One side is smooth for everyday cutting, but the opposite surface includes deep grooves for amassing the liquids from the leafy greens, preventing messy counters.


Electric Knife – $49.95

It’s rated one of the best by Good Housekeeping which makes it a winner in our book! If you prefer to carve your turkey up before it strikes the dinner table, we think this electric carving knife can fetch you the perfect slices every time.

Food Network Store

Knuckle Sandwich Guy Fieri Carving Set (2-pc.) – $89.95

You won’t have any more trouble convincing the man in your life to split up the turkey with this Guy Fieri carving set. He can slice that turkey up like a rock star fighter.


Fat Separator – 4 Cup – $14.99

Nobody needs a greasy gravy. We think the heat-resistant OXO fat separator is the perfect instrument for straining off the fat for perfect gravy every moment.

Pottery Barn

Antique-Silver Gravy Boat – $39

We adore the timeworn patina of the vintage-style engraved gravy boat. It’s a great new addition to your table with the look of a traditional family room.

Cost Plus World Market

Turkey Serving Dishes – $7.99

Don’t leave your side dishes from this turkey talk! Mound your stuffing and mashed potatoes in those domed, covered serving dishes. They are pretty enough to maneuver around the table.


Storage Bowls With Clear Lids – $19.95

We love to send our guests home with leftover turkey — when there is one. These clear glass storage bowls make the great take-home containers.


If all else fails, you can always buy one of those fabulous precooked-to-perfection turkeys. Scatter the above mentioned products around your kitchen and also pass this yummy mail-order bird away as your own. Your secret is safe with us!

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