4 Tips for Cleaning Floors

In this article, we will give you ideas and techniques on how to clean different types of floors. The floors should be cleaned according to the kind of material that they are made of.

Here’s some advice on how to clean different types of floors.

Ceramic-Tile Floors

To clean ceramic tiles, sweep or vacuum the floor first. This will help you get rid of any loose dirt or grit. You just need to use warm clean water and nothing else. Avoid using a sponge mop, as it will drag dirt into the grout tracks. This will make it harder to clean the floor. Use a microfiber mop instead, as it will get off most of the dirt. If you prefer using a rag while kneeling on the floor, make sure to clean it in a circular motion. Also, clean the baseboards and cabinets. You can use a brush to clean the grout, in case it’s dirty.

Hardwood floors

The trick for hardwood floor maid service Huntsville AL is to use boiling water with tea leaves added into it. Tea leaves produce tannic acid that gives hardwood floors a shine. Once water has boiled, add two bags of tea leaves and leave them in the water for about two minutes before using it. Transfer this tea into a bucket. Then immerse a soft cloth into the tea and then wring it out. It doesn’t need to be dripping wet. A damp cloth enables the floor to dry off fast. Clean the floor and then wait to be amazed by its shine.

Fill the Scratches

After hardwood floor cleaning services Huntsville AL, you might notice some scratches on it. Fill out the scratches by rubbing in a crayon that’s of a similar color to the wood. Then blow dry it and buff it up with a damp piece of cloth.

Vinyl Floors

The good thing about vinyl floors is that they can withstand a lot of abuse. This makes them ideal for use in high traffic houses. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be taken care of well. To keep vinyl floors looking good, you need to clean them on a regular basis.

Make sure to wipe up any spills as soon as they occur. Use plain water. You also need to thoroughly clean the floor at least once a week.

Start by vacuuming the floor to get rid of any dirt and dust. Then use a wet mop to clean. All you need to do is to add borax to a bucket of warm water and use it to clean the floor. You also have the option of using commercial vinyl floor cleaners. Use a damp mop to clean up.

In case the floor is extra dirty, make a paste using baking soda and water. Using a soft towel rub this paste on any acidic stains that are on the floor. This includes ketchup, wine or fruit juice, until the stain gets off. Clean this up using a water and vinegar solution.

Guest Picks: The Perfect Bath Experience

I like Bathrooms. They make me feel like a romantic woman from romantic woman times. Plus, afterwards I feel clean and smell like things a woman should smell like, like elaborate roses and pure amazing — not grime and dried hummus. And with the temperatures dropping, baths aren’t only a luxury but a requirement! Here’s my take on a fancy woman’s bath time. (**warning!) I might say “lavish” 70hundred times too many)
— Jenny from My Favorite and My Best


Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy by Peg and Awl – $155

1 time I got so angry at a tub caddy I gave it a black eye. ALL THOSE SLATS AND HOLES!

This is perfect and simple. Totally utilitarian, but that is what I want in a tub caddy: someone who won’t betray me by dropping my book and cupcake into the water.

Vintage Tub & Bath

72-Inch Classic Clawfoot Tub by Randolph Morris

Evidently, it’s all about the tub. I prefer the clawfoot. It transports me into a simpler time — a time of pipe smoke and heavily scented bubbles.
I actually have one and can vouch for his or her own lust.

Drummonds Bathrooms

The Spey Classic Roll Top Tub – GBP 2,825

I’m now seriously contemplating painting mine jade green. So gorgeous!


Beautiful Floor Mounted Tub Filler With Handshower

This really is the ultimate in luxury; it’s just like a necklace to your tub. How stunning would it be contrary to that green bath? GORGEOUS!!

Mission Tile West

Mediterranean 9 Tiles

One of these times I will have bespoke tiles on the flooring in my toilet. If I’m being honest, I have no idea what “bespoke” describes, but I will bet it’s fancy.
I love these tiles out of Mission West. Their website is FULL of stunning tiles.


Kinkeldey Cut Crystal Pendant Chandelier

Forget everything else. If you merely have the tub and among these: total luxury.
And yes, I’m aware it’s worth over my car. Do not care. This can be fancy woman bath time.


Vintage Kartell Componibili

Kartell’s Componibili would be the coolest, and this brown one is completely unexpected. Maintain all your bathroom time bits and bobs in it (like the US Weekly that you hide from the spouse).


Antiqued Peacock Mirror – $2,399

Who doesn’t enjoy this mirror? It’s absolutely stunning and would be perfect in the bathroom. Or hall. Or living room. Or bedroom. Or dining room.


Flower Power Healing Bath Salts – $24

This stuff rocks! It smells like angels. And it makes your bathroom very important — just like a doctor visit with no doctor bills.


1er Mai Frederic Malle Candle – $80

All baths need candles. I prefer a minumum of one scented candle. This one seems like it smells real good. Here is what they say about it:

“As close a reproduction as you can of the fragrance of a cluster of lily of the valley hidden in the shade of this underbrush. This is an ideal illustration of this brand new and vegetal transparency of the flower that’s as rosy as it is jasmine-like. The perfume was created by Dominique Ropion, among the greatest connoisseurs of how white blossoms disappear. He relied on historic formulas for lily of the valley fragrances in addition to elements of headspace (ultra modern technique that enables to catch flowers or areas scents) for this particular scent.”

RIGHT?! Plus red is the most lavish color there is.

Luxury Glassybaby – $40

For all of the rest, Glassybaby votives will provide you the great ambient lighting. They arrive in the most exquisite milky-colored glass and in every colour under the rainbow — and then some.

ABC Carpet & Home

Italian Cotton Bath Mats – $65

Every toilet needs a bathroom mat that’s soft, washable and pretty! I don’t know why anyone would place a rug in the toilet that can not be thrown into the washing machine. All these Italian cotton rugs fit the bill perfectly and they arrive in the most beautiful muted colors. So pretty.

Lallier Premier Cru Rose Champagne – GBP 25.99

Not that I have ever had champagne while taking a bath, but chat about luxury. This pink champagne is a no brainer. Just don’t drink the entire item and drown.

Barneys New York

Ichendorf Arles Champagne Flute – $52

Now that you have all the most lavish bath bits in the land, don’t go and put your champagne in a paper cup!
This square champagne flute is super chic and simple.


Villa Eulalia #3 Photo by Michael Himpel

Michael Himpel takes the most stunning photographs of neglected, far away spaces and makes them appear like the most beautiful places on earth. Quite transportive.


Well-Versed Towels – $38

These towels out of Anthropologie are super-soft Egyptian cotton and come in the trendiest colors I’ve seen yet.


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – $17



Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Body Crème – $75

All that stuff up there’s super important, but when I don’t address my wrinkly, dried-out skin after my bathroom the entire encounter is for naught. Under-moisturized skin is like nails on a chalkboard.

This wild bluebell body creme from Jo Malone is SO thick and rich and lavish! It smells like a woman — just like a woman who resides in a country manor who doesn’t have to perform her gardening but does anyway because it’s enjoyable and makes her feel good on her inside.


Some women like to place on silk and lace after the bath. Good for them! Not me. I prefer sweats and t-shirts along with a big ol’ Target robe circa 2004. But I will class up my act a little. This huge girl onesie from Anthropologie offers the same comfort however, you could actually answer the door in it.

And lastly, look at all the fancy components together. Pretty, right?

Now go have a bath.

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6 Furniture Problems That You Can Fix Yourself

Crystal Dvorak is a professional painters in Chandler, AZ restorer.  She has created, restored and recycled all kinds of furniture for over 20 years. She owns Urban Patina shop in Shakopee MN. In this article, she will share with you different ways that you can fix your furnishings on your own.

Loose Rungs on Your Chairs

You can glue back the loose rungs into place. Get rid of the old glue and then sand down the end of the rung clean until you get to the wood. Using a syringe, apply glue where the opening of the glue is. Insert the rung into place and then clamp up the wood tightly until the glue dries.

Loose Seams

In case exterior house painting Chandler, AZ starts to get detached at the seams, you don’t need to screw them in together. Just buy flat corner braces from a hardware store.  Place the brace at the back of the furnishing and over the joint where the wood is the thickest. Clamp it tightly and then drill holes into it. Then drive in the screws through these holes.

Loose Legs

Sand the end of the leg and then apply wood glue on it. Then clamp the leg firmly into place. Slightly drill the wood, and then drive in the screws through these holes. Pre-drilling prevents the wood from splitting. Countersink the screws and then apply wood filler and sand up the area until it’s smooth. Apply varnish or paint on it.

Broken Drawer Corners

Remove any nails that might be in the corners. Completely take apart the corners and then sand them up. Apply wood glue and clamp the corner into place until the glue dries up. To prevent the drawer from getting sticky, apply beeswax on it so it will glide smoothly when being opened or closed.

Worn Out Veneer

Lots of Chandler painting have veneer coverings. This includes tables, chairs, and desks. This veneer can start peeling off over time.

In case the veneer starts to lift out of place, first clean out the surface between the veneer and the wood. Then apply wood glue in the space using a syringe. Press down the veneer. Press a piece of wood over it and then clamp it down. If you don’t have a clamp, place a heavy object over the veneer.

In case the veneer has chipped off, use a wood filler to fill it out. Then apply paint or varnish on the affected area.

Uneven Table

A table will rock back and forth if all its legs are not equal. You can level the table by fastening nail on glides to the leg or legs which are shorter than the rest. To use it, measure the difference between the leg and the floor. Then drill a hole into the legs which don’t have a problem and insert the glide. Shim the leg with a problem using washers, and then put the washers over the problematic leg. The washer should be thick enough to reach the floor. In the end, insert a glide over the washer.

Look: Faux Ombre Kitchen Tile

A kitchen backsplash is one of the few surfaces in the kitchen where practicality can go from the door. While you don’t want to escape control and start plastering something such as gold-leaf for your kitchen backsplash, then this surface allows for more creativity because it doesn’t face a lot of wear and tear.

While we encounter a number of original backsplashes on Houzz, the ombre appearance of this backsplash is something we’d never noticed before. The apple-green tile inside this kitchen almost looks like a color gradient. The appearance gives this San Francisco kitchen — designed by Amoroso Design — a young and fresh feel.

Amoroso Design

It may seem like this tile has been gently dipped in bright green glaze, but the effect really comes from the light. Conveniently positioned at strategic points underneath cabinets and countertops makes the tile a little more visually interesting, while still maintaining its classic appearance.

Amoroso Design

Glazed in a brilliant peridot shade, Amoroso Designs utilized a very simple subway tile from Walker Zanger’s Studio Moderne lineup, designed by Michael Berman. “The appearance is a very cool consequence of the lighting,” says Amoroso Designs creator Shelly Amoroso. “It evokes a mood, rather than flattening the appearance with a light that is consistent ”

Amoroso Design

The best part is, the impact changes from different points of view in the galley-style kitchen, and may be mixed up even more by turning particular lights on and specific lights away. From here, the eye is attracted towards the milder shades of green near the end of the kitchen.

More thoughts:
Selecting a Backsplash: What’s Your Personality Type
Selecting a Backsplash: It’s Impossible!
Kitchen Backsplashes That Function

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Guest Picks: Scandinavian-Inspired Staycation

This month I am dreaming about running off to a beautiful little Scandinavian summer cottage. . .but sadly, that is not in the cards for me! So instead, I’ve rounded up 20 of my favourite finds to recreate the appearance and texture of a Scandi escape in the home. Think white flooring, crisp blue and white ceramics, luxury fabrics, and diverse decor finds with a international texture. Happy summer!


Knotty Pine Treat Pedestal – $148

This darling little faux bois cake stand would make anything from blueberry muffins to coating cake seem even more flavorful. No snacks on hand? No worries. It would be adorable with a little potted fern or vase of flowers at the top, too.

India Rose

White Devil Shower Curtain – $125

This ruffled shower curtain from India Rose is well worth the high cost because it makes any toilet feel insanely decadent. I’ve got one in my home and it makes me grin whenever I see it!

Pigeon Toe

Pleated String Lights – $225

These ceramic series lights from Pigeon Toe are so much chicer than the usual plastic variety! String them up over your table, indoors or out, to make an inviting mood.


Cobalt Large Jug with Handle – $59

I adore the cobalt and white stripes on this pitcher in Design House Stockholm — it screams me summer. Can’t you imagine pouring a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice from this beautiful jug in the breakfast table on a sunny Sunday morning?


Qualicum Garden Deck Chair – $300

I would love some of those deck seats from Gallant & Jones to put in my backyard for summer afternoon reading! The cloth sling and cushion are detachable and interchangeable, so you can swap them out from year to year, and the wood frames are handmade with care, so they’ll last forever.

Les Indiennes

Fleur Deco Pillow – $72

Les Indiennes is one of my favorite textile businesses, producing fresh, simple block-printed designs on organic fabrics. This soft cushion would be perfect for curling up with on your own daybed for an afternoon nap, and I really like the small, subtle printing.

Williams-Sonoma Home

Sorrento Daybed – $1,250

This daybed from Williams-Sonoma Home has me fantasizing about sipping limoncello when gazing out at the sea… but I suppose I would settle for my backyard.


Kasbah Coffee Table – $998

This luminous octagonal dining table inspired by Moroccan archways is calling my name! I can just imagine spreading out a pile of magazines that are fresh and also a glass of mint tea and kicking my feet up following a very long day at the shore.

Le Souk

Fez Pouffe – EUR 95.95

If you haven’t stumbled upon Le Souk yet, you’re in for a real treat! Shop proprietor Danielle de Lange curates the most amazing collection of decoration finds from around the world, and her taste and aesthetic are perfect. I adore this particular embroidered pouf; I would use it as flexible seating, but you could also put a tray on top and use it as a different coffee table.


Tunisian Basket Weave Carafe – GBP 22

Decant your inexpensive”house wine” or ice water into this carafe from Toast for a festive twist to the everyday.


French Café Wine Glass – $10.95

I would use these small glasses for sipping rosé in the garden.

Julia B.

Hemstitch Cocktail Napkins with Monogram – $195

All these heirloom-quality linen cocktail napkins with monograms from Julia B. would include a glamorous note to any summer fete. I am partial to the female mild pink — pink leaves me happy!


Acrobatic Fringe Tablecloth – $98

I’ve had my eye on this tablecloth from Anthropologie for a while now. The stripes, fringe, and muted colour palette include up to make my ideal summer table covering, whether indoors, dining room as well as camping!

Dimensions: 72″ x 90″. Larger size also available. Cotton, Cotton. Machine wash.


Coffee Spoon – $12

I enjoy discovering little things that bring beauty to ordinary moments, like this delicate golden spoon from Canvas. Use it to stir your tea or coffee, or set it into a bowl of sugar or spice.

Calypso St. Barth

Wire Acrylic Tray – $275

Made from chicken wire under acrylic, the picture pattern of the unique serving tray could make an eye-catching backdrop for a heap of novels, a small vase of flowers and a beautiful candle.

Dimensions: 23″ x 17″. Indoor/outdoor use.

Stray Dog Designs

Faux Bois Mirror – $440

Stray Dog Designs is a fantastic company known for their usage of eco-friendly recycled substances and enjoyable color options. This papier mache faux bois mirror is just one of my favorites from their own collection. It is announcement making without being over the top, and that I think it’s especially beautiful in this pale violet.

John Robshaw Textiles

Elephant Cards by John Robshaw – $40

Hand painted elephant stationary from John Robshaw are a fun indulgence. It appears so exquisite I would have a hard time sending it off in the mail! Fortunately it comes at a set of six, so that I really could pen notes to five dear friends and have one card left to seem pretty on my desk.


Hawthorne Chateau Bud Vase by KleinReid – $88

The glowing yellow color of the glaze on this exceptional bud vase from KleinReid caught my attention. It makes quite a statement and will elevate even the simplest cutting from your own garden.

Traditional Tablecloths – $158

These linen blankets by Coyuchi seem so luxurious, do not they? I would keep one handy for snuggling under on cool summer nights stargazing in the backyard.


Printed Lumière Votives – $34

These sweet small votives are amazing lined up down the center of an outside dining table, and the lavender and lime color palette is one of my favorites for the summer.

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The Case for Linoleum and Vinyl Floors

So far in this flooring series, I have discussed a variety of ceramic tile, plank wood, engineered wood and laminate flooring. Rounding out but by no means completing this series are linoleum and vinyl — also known as resilient floors, or sheet products. Engineered flooring is a better term because not all springy flooring come as sheets. What they have in common, however, is an ironlike durability and the promise of simple maintenance.

While no floors material is ideal, resilient flooring have been a popular choice because the middle of the 19th century, even although popularity waxes and wanes with the times. Nowadays, resilient flooring is enjoying a resurgence. As stated by the wonderful folks at Floor Covering News, it is now the only flooring category enjoying an increasing market share.

Resilient flooring goods remain popular, though they may not carry the cachet they once did. For a lot of folks, these flooring’ easy-to-live-with temperament makes them the logical choice for home full of kids pets or pets. That they can cost significantly less money than the alternatives adds to their popularity.

If you are in the market for a resilient flooring, make sure you do your homework, locate a respectable merchant and ask a lot of questions. How long one of these floors will wear and last plays a direct part in how much you’ll pay for it.

More floors guides

Paul Anater

Marmoleum Linoleum Flooring by Forbo – $5

In 1863, Englishman Frederick Walton was granted a patent for a new flooring material that he called Linoleum. It grew in popularity throughout the 1800s, and as Walton brought his product across the Atlantic, a number of imitators followed . Walton never uttered the name of his product, and linoleum turned into a standard term.

There are two primary brands of linoleum sold today: Marmoleum by Forbo and Marmorette by Armstrong. Both substances come as tiles or sheets but are most often seen as sheets.

Paul Anater

Linorette brand linoleum flooring from Armstrong – $5

Both brands make linoleum with the same ingredients Frederick Walton used. Namely, linseed oil, powdered walnut, roasted wood, limestone, jute and pine rosin. The raw materials used to make it rapidly renewable, therefore linoleum is catching on as a sustainable flooring option. Some varieties of linoleum include recycled stuff, And not only can it be recyclable, given the ideal conditions and enough time, it is biodegradable.

Linoleum is sold in sheets and tiles at a huge variety of colors. Linoleum needs to be installed by a professional installer. Virtually all applications of this product demand sometimes-extensive seams. Its performance over the long term is dependent on the substrate over which it is installed.

Paul Anater

Marmoleum brand linoleum sheet flooring from Forbo – $5

Linoleum is a sturdy, water- resistant and wear- resistant material and if taken care of will last for a lengthy time. It can not handle having heavy items being dragged it over, but no floors material can.

Linoleum is static free (useful when it comes to cleaning up pet hair) and is purported to be non-allergenic. Be careful to clean it with pH neutral cleaners (Fabuloso is just one ) and it will stay looking beautiful for years and years.

Experts: Wide selection of colors and patterns, environmentally friendly, easy to care for, comfortable underfoot
Disadvantages: Can Be Costly to have installed, difficulty locating an installer, water-resistant although not watertight
Suggested applications: Living rooms, kitchens, hallways, baths, dry basements
Cost range: $5 to $8 per square foot

Paul Anater

Sobella Supreme, Fiberglass core, vinyl sheet floors from Mannington – $5

At some point in the 1960s, sheet flooring made from vinyl but replaced linoleum. These vinyl flooring took over so thoroughly that vinyl sheet flooring too are often called linoleum. They’re made entirely differently of course, but they behave in somewhat similar ways. As is true with true linoleum, vinyl flooring are offered as sheets and as tile, though for home usage it is most often seen as one sheet.

Although vinyl sheet floors no longer has the prestige it once had, it remains a favorite substance. In some places it is still the default material for kitchens and baths.

Paul Anater

Wenge Bourbon, Cushion Measure vinyl sheet flooring with Armstrong – $13

The transfer to vinyl came about for a couple of reasons. For starters, vinyl has higher brightness and translucency and can therefore arrive in a virtually limitless assortment of patterns and colors. The surface of vinyl floors is almost nonreactive and you can clean it with just about anything and not worry about how it can influence the ground. Its main component, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is thought to be inert and benign once it is in the home, but its manufacture is problematic from an ecological standpoint.

Paul Anater

Sobella Omni HD fiberglass core, vinyl sheet floors from Mannington – $5

Vinyl sheet flooring is just about unrecyclable at this time, though technologies on the horizon may change that. More progress is being made with resilient vinyl tile recycling, but again, that’s not a substance often encountered in homes.

In the industry’s defense, they are working on methods to lower the effect of the products and you will find buy-back initiatives available; check to them before you substitute a vinyl flooring.

Paul Anater

Peruvian Slate series vinyl sheet flooring from Armstrong – $13

Now with that out of the way, if you are in the market to get a sheet vinyl flooring, you will find a couple of things which should guide your choice. The market’s filled with a huge variety of products, and their prices vary from a couple of bucks per square foot to more than $20 a square foot.

The very first driver of cost is the method used to make the pattern from the substance itself. Vinyl products which are surface-printed cost less but will not last as long. Inlaid patterns with colour extending through the full depth of the material will survive longer. Such substances also cost more as a rule.

The latest development in vinyl resilient flooring is the accession of a fiberglass layer to the core of the material. The fiberglass adds strength and cushion to the ground.

Paul Anater

Charter Tawny Oak vinyl sheet floors from Shaw – $10.50

The composition of the top, or wear layer is also a substantial driver of cost. As is the case with just about every other product available for your home, quality and cost are very closely linked.

The thicker and more tougher that high layer is, the better the quality and the better the manufacturer’s warranty. The best products in the marketplace impregnate that use layer with nylon and aluminum oxide to make it last much longer.

Paul Anater

Kent Dark Cherry vinyl sheet floors from Shaw – $11

Beware cheap flooring. Something which costs a dollar a square foot will not last, and you will wind up replacing it before too long. Thinking about the environmental effects of this substance, purchase it for the long term and get the very best quality you can afford.

As is the case with every other fabricated flooring material on the market, the printing technology used in its manufacture has exploded in the last several decades, and it is available in only about any pattern you can imagine.

Unlike the linoleum it competes with, vinyl sheet floors is a far more pliable material once it comes to installation. With just a little preparation and attention, many DIYers can tackle a vinyl flooring for a weekend job.

Paul Anater

Shaw Sumter Tile vinyl floors – $2.50

Though resilient vinyl tile flooring are not often seen in homes, that is beginning to change as you can see here. The overall look of vinyl flooring tiles for home usage again is no uncertainty being driven by vinyl tile’s smaller effect and ability to be recycled.

When you are researching resilient floors, consider your options and consider linoleum. If linoleum is not for you then locate a high quality vinyl that will last for years. Start looking for a good warranty from a known manufacturer and purchase from a respectable retailer.

Vinyl Floors
Experts: Long-lasting, relatively easy to install, simple to Keep, comfortable underfoot
Disadvantages: Difficult to recycle, adhesives can off-gas, seams tend to be visible
Suggested applications: Kitchens, baths, basements, family roomsand laundry rooms
Cost range: $2 to $20 per square foot

Laminate Floors: Get the Look of Wood For Less
When to Utilize Engineered Wood Floors
An Intro to Sound Plank Wood Floors
Zebra, Tiger and Teak Wood, Oh, My!
5 Sophisticated Wood Floors
20 Great Cases of Transitions in Floors
How to Shop for a Tile Floor

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Guest Groups: Warm and Woolly

When the temperature drops and the leaves begin to change, there’s nothing cozier than wrapping up in your favorite sweater. But there’s no reason you can’t bring that exact same sense of warmth into your house too. Here are a few interesting means of adding the beautiful textures and comforts of knits and woolens to your environment.
— Lori from automatism


Knitted Basket – EUR 70.50

Instead of the usual woven basket, why not a soft duvet one? These from Ferm Living are made of hand-knitted 100% cotton rope and are offered in three sizes and colors — yellow, petrol and charcoal. They are a terrific way to add warmth and feel in a contemporary house.


Chocolate Pudding Wash or Dishcloths by Easy 123 – $10

Why wash the dishes with a scratchy plastic dishcloth once you can use an appealing, soft, natural one in pure cotton? Closely stitched to earn a dense cloth, it is designed to hold together while in use. Set comprises one dark tan, one java brown and one dark chocolate brown dishcloth.

Nest Emporium

Knitted Pouffe in Taupe – AUD 165

This simple pouffe is ideal for adding texture (and additional seating) into a minimalist distance… or a small additional coziness to a traditional one.

The Curiosity Shoppe

Knitted Coffee Sleeves – $18

Add some comfy style to your tea or coffee to-go with this fantastic cotton cable knit coffee sleeve, hand-knit by artist Jacqueline Dufresne. No more burned fingers while dashing back into the office!


Holden Brown Pillow – $139

Give your sofa a comfy note with a oversized chunky knit pillow such as this one from Crate & Barrel. Its toasty brown color and continuous stockinette stitch is a terrific way to create a winter living room a little warmer. Also available in cream and navy.


Granny Chair by Wadebe

The Granny seat by the French company Wadebe is a happy inter-generational cooperation with retired knitters. The end result is a sleek, contemporary seat with all the warmth and feel of knits.


Knitted Hot Water Bottle Cover from LoftLines – $35

Stay warm on chilly nights with this pretty hand-knit hot water jar. It is created out of an alpaca, wool and acrylic blend worked in a textured zigzag pattern on the front. The back neck allows easy filling, and one mother of pearl button reverse allows cover to be removed for washing if needed.


Fluffy Bunny Magnet by Morrgan’s Creatures – $12

Bring a small amount of cuddly warmth into your kitchen with this candy fluffy mohair mix rabbit magnet. The supermarket on the refrigerator just got a great deal cuter!


The PRAIRIES Ribbed Pillow by lucky 14 – $125

Hand-knit from baby alpaca and filled with a goose feather and down insert, this pillow isn’t just elegant but great to snuggle up against while watching TV!


Cable Knit Coasters Set of 4 by Red Bird Ink – $10

Really like this collection of four blind-embossed coasters in a pretty cable knit pattern. They are motivated by knitwear and created one at a time onto a 100 year-old Chandler & Price letterpress. Perfect for your morning coffee or afternoon tea.


Chunky Cotton Cable Knit Throw by BiscuitScout – $390

When the evenings grow chilly, curl up on the sofa and watch old movies while tucked up beneath this beautiful handmade cotton cable-knit throw. Measuring a generous 67 x 77 inches, it is also machine washable and available in other colours too.


Brody Rug – $399

The Brody Rug cleverly mimics the look of a chunky knit, making it extra comforting for bare feet — something to be especially appreciated on chilly mornings, when getting out of a nice warm bed requires a little bit of encouragement!


Oatmeal Cup Cozy from Natalya’s Studio – $17.50

Keep your mug of tea or coffee warm — and add some fantastic style too — using this cup comfy. It fits most mugs and can be offered in other colours and a selection of three distinct buttons.


Betty Bunny Egg Cozy by Sara Carr – $16

The enchanting Betty Bunny egg comfy will turn even the grumpiest morning individual to a joyous one. Here is to sunnier starts into the day!


Knitted Vase Cover HARU by Hogenbirk Knitwear – $30

This can be such a fantastic idea. These sweet knitted vase covers only pop over an empty wine bottle and sew! Recycling made pretty. Add some single blossom stems and you are all set.


Knitted Ottoman Slipcover by BiscuitScout – $160

A perfect way to add subtle warmth and texture into a room, this hand-knit ottoman slipcover is versatile enough to function in both traditional and contemporary homes. Available in many colours. Base offered at an additional cost.


Chicken Egg Cozy, Set of Two by Colour it Green – $20

Make breakfast a playful occasion with this collection of two happy little egg comfy chickens, hand-knit using wool from the manufacturer’s own sheep then felted to add a great finish. So sweet and cheerful!


BIRGIT STRÅ Bedspread/blanket – $39.99

Really like the pretty simplicity of the 100% cotton knit bedspread/blanket from IKEA. It works both as a light summer cover or as an extra layer once the nights grow chillier.


ARIZONA Knitted Cactus by Odds and Ends – AUD 89

Something for those who are hopeless with houseplants — a hand-knitted cactus! This will definitely add a playfully kitschy accent to your house, plus you never have to worry about forgetting to water.


Vintage Knit Knacks: 25 Creative Knitting Projects to Boost Your Home – $17

For those who prefer to knit, the newest book Vintage Knit Knacks is a fantastic way to add the warmth of wool to your house. A collection of 25 vintage-inspired projects, it is excellent for all skill levels — a few can even be made each day. I adore the French press comfy on the cover!

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Style at the Foot of Your Bed

Feeling like the overall screen of your mattress could use a little extra”oomph”? Need a place to sit and tie your shoes, or even a decorative piece that doubles as concealed storage? It is quite possible the foot of the mattress could benefit from some company: a bench.

Not just will a bench help ground a mattress and complete its own look, but it’s a practical addition that can be used to display things or fill excess space. Take a good long look at your current bed situation and see if a bench could add only the practical luster you have been missing. Perhaps these pictures of different bench styles and applications will help you decide.

For Folks design

This eclectic room is just delicious, along with the accompaniment of a wooden bench grounds it with its natural appeal. See to your bench just like a coffee table and top it with vignettes. It is surprising in the bedroom and perfectly chic. Wondering where you will find a bench like this? Check out the picture below.

Pottery Barn

Benchwright Bench – $499

This Benchwright bench may be designed for the dining room, but when used in the bedroom, it will do just the trick to achieve the preceding look. It goes to show a little imagination can take part from its anticipated use and to anywhere in the house.

Sara Ingrassia Interiors

Add a bit more comfort and flexibility with a contemporary cushioned bench. If you feel that’ll use it as a place to sit and relax, then lace will make it much more inviting. By upholstering this bench in a neutral colour like the dressers and headboard, it creates a cohesive look that helps the mattress stand out as a focus.

Jayson Home

Clarke Bench – Jayson Home – $995

The Clark bench from Jayson Home & Garden is an excellent find for a comfortable, contemporary bench. The velvet gives it a bit of glamour.

Studio William Hefner

Get creative and pair two smaller chairs in the foot of the bed. The easy, clean lines of these benches adds a base to the mattress without distracting from the surrounding elements of the soothing bedroom.

Inside Avenue

Greek Key Bench in Gold Leaf – $715

Get the look utilizing these Greek important chairs from Inside Avenue.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

Looking for a way to sneak a more modern feel to a largely traditional bedroom? Pick a bench having a sign of Lucite. This bench provides an unexpected bit of coral colour, updated by its transparent base.

K2 Design Group, Inc..

Use the bench to pull in elements from the front of the mattress down to the foot. It seems like this mattress has been exhibited on a pallet of beautiful wood. Insert a cushioned top for color and comfort.

Blu Dot

Herman Miller Cognita Bench – $999

Look at employing the modern Cognita bench from Herman Miller to pull off a look similar to the one past.

Glenn Gissler Design

Mix femininity with masculinity by complementing the softness of a daybed mattress with a sleek-lined tufted bench in a dark color. It creates a dramatic, sophisticated and clean equilibrium.

Bobby Berk Home

Gus Modern Henry Ottoman Bench – $1,050

The Gus Modern Henry ottoman bench also comes in black to help you to get the look right.

Complement curvy bed articles with a curved bench. This bench is fairly straightforward, but it pulls the shapes together.

RLH Studio

To get a warm, vintage look, pick an classic chair with ornately designed wooden legs topped with gentle cushioning. Pieces like these are classic and will always have a place in your design scheme.


French Market Collection – “Floral Peacocks” Bench  – $1,569

Insert a floral touch using French Market Collection’s Floral Peacocks bench from Horchow.

Nora Schneider Interior Design

Pick a bench having an exceptional design to give your mattress an entirely new personality. The curved ends of the bench complement the Greek key design in the part throughout the room.

Imagine Living

To get a dramatic and glamorous look, upholster a classic bench in deep purples, greens or blues. Caution: The item may steal the show.

Conventional Chairs – $1,529

Complement the bench with the fabulous Dahlia Purple seat from Horchow along with the show-stopping will last throughout the room.

Elad Gonen

If you are gunning for extra storage, choose a chest bench. It will finish off the room’s look while providing a hiding place for linens, blankets and cushions.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Pair a heavily patterned mattress with a bench upholstered in faux animal hide. When you are working with a great deal of patterns, animal prints are a fantastic way to neutralize the look.


Angus Metal Bench – $1,199

The Angus metal bench from Horchow will help you evaluate the identical stylish style.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Have two double beds? Ground them equally with exactly the identical bench. All these classic, tufted benches enhance the plush-ness of those inviting beds.

Eleven Interiors

Can’t seem to locate a bench to suit your requirements? Team up three cube ottomans to get a lively look that serves the exact same function.

Garnet Hill

Beaton Cube Ottoman – Garnet Hill – $280

The picture element of those Beaton cube ottomans from Garnet Hill can add fun twist into the foot of the bed. Purchase one in each color for a playful look, or choose three at precisely the exact same colour for something more streamlined.

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Creative Ways to Generate Art from Paper

In the modern diverse way of designing, you have many inexpensive alternatives to accessorize your place. Contemplate everyday paper. When it’s framing enjoyable cutouts or producing your own stickers from background, paper can alter your walls to get a minimal price. And some of the home made options can equal a fun weekend project with the youngsters. Have a look at the next home design photographs and you will start to see paper in a completely new light.

More DIY decorating thoughts

Art looks great when grouped into a collection; produce a drop display by tearing out foliage images from a novel, drawing your own or even collecting a batch out of the backyard and maintaining them through wax-paper pressing.

Have old piano publications or higher school sheet music collecting dust under your bed? Put them back to use by hanging individual sheets at a collage. Try to combine newer sheets with aged, browned sheets to get an interesting mix.

sarah & bendrix

Get creative with ribbons and vibrant paper by cutting out a collection of shapes. These very small paper hearts have even been folded for an interesting texture and pattern.

As soon as you have several that you like, framework the results to get a posh, homemade piece of art. And don’t worry about it looking perfect: the perfect, the more authentic.

sarah & bendrix

Create several related pieces to get a eclectic gallery wall. Track down cheap frames in IKEA or Michael’s.


Have you been eying a gorgeous paper in the crafts shop but are not certain what to do with it? Cut out several small rectangles and attach them at a formation on your wall. Voila. Immediate artwork.

You understand when you read a novel and you stumble upon a paragraph or sentence which takes your breath away? Keep the pages of those paragraphs in full view at all times by displaying them in a creative fashion, such as hanging them on a branch you may find in your backyard.

Tamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inc

Bring your closet door from dull to character-filled by developing a collage with decorative paper.

Your closet isn’t the only area that may gain from this appearance; try a bare wall which may use a dose of personality.

Donna DuFresne Interior Design

If you’re searching to create a unique lampshade without draining your pockets, then pick up a cheap neutral shade at Target or Hobby Lobby, then cover it on your favourite newspaper. A patterned paper will not only spice up your shade but also create interesting shadows with the lamplight.

Jennifer – Rambling Renovators

For a cheaper and more enjoyable way to work with background, cut out individual shapes rather than covering the whole wall with sheets. The application is easy, and the result is distinctive and whimsical.

Annalea Hart

Help your kid learn his ABCs by hanging alphabet flashcards across the wall. Purchase them or whip out some paper and create your own; your kids can help with the drawings!

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Storage With Style

The search for storage is a plague every homeowner and tenant suffers. However many cabinets, cabinets, nooks and crannies we now have, it appears there is never enough. Or, half of it’s an eyesore. What are people to do? While clicking through the Houzz library of storage thoughts, I understood the answer may just take a little creativity.

Feeling enjoy clutter is getting over your home? Have a minute to browse through these photos for smart solutions which will free up space without forfeiting your home’s style.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Out of cabinetry although not outside of dishes? Don’t let a wall of windows block you from utilizing storage. Show your dishware by installing shelving across the windows; the organic light on the pieces will create a showcase.

Amy Lau Design

Install recessed shelving to your walls and finish it with cabinet doors which twice as artwork when shut. This individual has used it as a pub, but you can readily hide anything from novels to stereo equipment within this creative market.

Elad Gonen

Or, look at adding recessed shelves. You’ll have space for all your kitchen specifications and also score a clean-lined, modern appearance.

Mark Newman Design

The key to great storage is economically using every inch of your home. Install outlets inside cabinets so you can slip your printers and other technician to odd spots.

MN Builders

Believe out-of-reach spots are off limits? Not when you’re able to install a stylish ladder on a track to achieve them.

Bunker Workshop

Or use the region over your kitchen cabinetry. The area within this kitchen is set to clever use for an eye-catching spice collection.

Kerrie L. Kelly

Hanging objects from the ceiling is a great alternative when wall space is tight. Don’t have space for a towel rack? Get clever by using a classic scale.

Camber Construction

Never overlook the precious space beneath the stairs. Install built-in drawers for greater organization. Create them in different sizes so you’ve got a place for everything.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

Or, build drawers right into the stairs! Now you don’t have any excuse for cluttering the stairs with whatever you wish to carry up “at some stage.” (We all know how that goes.)

Marie Newton, Closets Redefined

Custom shelving can be built for even the quirkiest of spots. This narrow area, which would likely have been left empty, became a practical place for shoe storage.

Lindy Donnelly

If your washing machine and dryer are in a funky place, consider hiding it behind moveable bookshelves. When they are closed, you’ve got a library. When they are open, a laundromat.

Glenvale Kitchens

It appears strange to me which corner drawers aren’t more popular, because they make so much sense. Not only are they a unique design, but they also keep your kitchen things from getting lost in the dark, black hole in every other sort of corner cabinet.

Artisan Kitchens Inc..

Even the pets want their bowls stored appropriately. Consider adding distance at the end of your own island to keep food and water bowls out from underfoot.

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