Guest Picks: Kid-Friendly Outdoor Seats and Tables

As the weather begins to get warmer, my loved ones and I are starting to spend more time outside. It’s nice, but we’re also needing some new furniture for the children to use. I have been looking at all sorts of options and arrived at the conclusion that they really do desire their very own pint-sized set. Following is a look at a few of my favorites for making them sit and revel in the outdoors. — Christine from Everyday Mama

Pottery Barn Kids

Chesapeake Table & Bench – $287

This takes the “kids’ table” to a whole new meaning. It’s like mom and dad’s, but smaller.

Contemporary Outdoor Lounge Chairs – $299.95

My children have this seat swing and love to cozy up and read a novel in it. It’s the perfect outdoor piece for children.


Ikea PS Svinga Hanging Chair – $69.99

This is another great hanging seat — at a fraction of the purchase price.

Pier 1 Imports

Coco Cove Rocker, Honey – $229.95

A rocking chair isn’t only for nurseries anymore. This is a great piece for a small terrace that fits all sizes comfortably.


PS Gullholmen Rocking Chair | IKEA – $59.99

Low to the floor, this seat accommodates all ages. In addition, it can work indoors during the rainy months.

Cost Plus World Market

Lola Wired Stool – $59.99

These can be used as tables or chairs. They’re definitely kid-proof and they come in fun colors.

Pottery Barn Kids

Adirondack Chairs – $89

A modest Adirondack seat for your child is perfect for the beach home you always wanted.

The Land of Nod

Tuffet Seater, Green – $39

Ms. Muffet sat on a tuffet — this really is the best kid-friendly seat. It can work indoors or out, and it comes in several colors. Imagine on those!

The Home Depot

Lohasrus Patio Kids Picnic Table – $65

If you’re a DIYer, then you’ll love putting your personal touches on this unfinished kids’ picnic table. Paint it any way you prefer or simply leave it natural, it is your decision!


Toddler Glass Table and Chairs Outdoor Furniture Place – $360

Alice in Wonderland certainly had this set. It’s fancy but nevertheless fun for your toddler.

JazTy Kids Teak Lounge Chair with Sliding Tray Multicolor – JT-L-1007 – $204.79

What child wouldn’t want this? It has its own drink tray.


ECR4KIDS Feber Phanty Pic-N-Rock – $169.99

This one is really a desk, but turn it on, and it will become a rocker. So fun and glowing!

Karma Kiss

Toadstool Table & Stools Set – $499.90

This toadstool place is too adorable. It’s Fantastic for a garden or amongst the trees.

Karma Kiss

Daisy Table Place – $449

Any animal lover will love this daisy dining table and animal seat collection.


Single Point Rope Hammock Chair – $47.99

You can’t fail with a hammock swing. This one is perfect for reading, relaxing or catching bubbles.

Little People’s Cove

Magic Garden Outdoor Bench – $119.95

How about just a tiny garden bench for your little helpers?


Threshold Outdoor Rectangular Pouf Footstool, Red Ikat – $39.95

A pouf is just what children need to make them comfy.


KidKraft Octagon Table with Stools and Striped Umbrella – $199.09

With its shade, bench seats and a dining table, this collection is great for eating bites, with discussions and doing art projects.

ATG Shops

DC America Time Out Kids’ Park Bench – $34.97

As for me, I need one of these inside and out my house. It comes for a great price also.

ATG Shops

KidKraft Outdoor Sling Chair – $38

A reclining seat will find the children relaxing. This one also folds for easy travel.

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Guest Groups: Get Enamored of Kitchen Enamelware

I’m newly obsessed with enamelware, especially in the kitchen. Its clean lines, its traditional appearance — everything about it screams vintage and modern all at once. Here are a few fantastic pieces of lasting enamelware (both classic and current) to have in your cooking and tabletop routine. — Liren from Kitchen Confidante

West Elm

Enamelware Dinnerware Set – $24

Clean lines and an easy band make enamelware dinnerware a ideal choice when placing the table.

Jerry’s Artarama

Butcher’s Tray Palettes – $10.99

I stopped when I watched this tooth tray on a recent visit into the art supply shop. I immediately began thinking past paints. This would be a handy serving tray or a fantastic way to organize in the kitchen.


Vintage French Enamelware Canister Set by Yesterday’s France – $115

If you are craving bold colour in the kitchen, these bright red canisters can include a pop of classic chic.


Found Enamel Compost Bin – $49.95

Here. It is perfect for collecting apple cores, onion peels and more.


French Enamelware ‘La Boutique De Fleurs’ Canisters by Antique Pop Art – $54.50

I love this charming set and can see it resting in my kitchen counter. It is ideal for flour, coffee beans and sugar — all the things I adore having within easy reach.

Cost Plus World Market

Cast Iron Enamel Skillet – $14.99

By frittatas into omelets, many walkers will probably be cooked in these enamel skillets.


Falcon Enamelware Bake Set – $128

Brownies and cakes will be even more delectable when baked in this enamelware bake place.


Vintage Blue French Enamelware – $55

A splash of blue brings country charm. Wouldn’t this be darling full of fresh flowers?

West Elm

Enamelware Salt + Pepper Shaker – $19

A small dash of salt and pepper is a little more spicy in these adorable shakers.

L.L. Bean

Sierra Enamelware Table Set – $59.95

Remember old-school camping gear? Who says blue enamelware dishes are only for your own campsite? I believe that they would be great as everyday dishes.

Falcon Enamelware

Prep Set – GBP 54.99

This colander is just one of six bits in a magnificent enamelware prep collection. Prep in the kitchen just have more fun!


Falcon Enamelware Pie Set – $98

I love this pie set in bright red! I can envision baking a berry pie and transporting it in the pan into a picnic.

Falcon Enamelware

Mug – GBP 7.99

With one of these mugs, I only need a rocking chair — oh, and some piping hot java also.


Vintage French Pail, Yellow Enamel by French Joie de Vivre – $38

This may be an antique French lunchbox, but I see this as a fantastic way to jazz up a shelf or mantelpiece.


Found Enamel Pail – $49.95

Pails don’t have to be dull old plastic — go retro with this vintage-style one! Use it for composting, hauling toys, maybe even berry picking.


Le Creuset Enamel Steel Stock Pot, Dune – $59.95

If it comes to cooking, tooth steel s a traditional choice. This stock pot will probably be ideal for soups.

Cost Plus World Market

Enamel Utensil Crock – $4.98

Maintain the wooden spoons handy within this darling utensil holder.


Tea for Three Garden Party – $61.19

This is just too irresistible! Little ones will enjoy hours of tea parties with this darling set. And yes, it’s enamelware.

Cost Plus World Market

White Enamel Flatware – $11.96

Simple and elegant, this flatware is a lovely and subtle approach to upgrade the table for springtime meals.

Cost Plus World Market

Enamel Teakettle, Aqua – $14.99

There is nothing more charming than a kettle of tea whistling on the cooker. I adore this happy enamel teakettle!

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Guest Picks: 20 Frameworthy Works to Help You Get Motivated

In the wide-open pages of a new calendar to the settlements most of us make with the best of intentions, everything appears plausible in January. I say, go with this! Encourage yourself to follow through on your goals this year with a fresh, inspirational artwork printing. Whether you prefer the bold and graphic, the delicate and pretty, or the lively, there is certain to be something here to suit your preference and inspire you to satisfy your objectives. — Laura from Lolalina

Mr Yen

‘If you are trying to find a Sign’ Personalized Paper Cut Art – GBP 45

This delicate paper artwork would be beautiful mounted on black paper and framed, or simply pinned to a linen-covered inspiration board.

Pot + Pantry

Julia Child ‘Love’ Quote Letterpress Print – $40

For the cook, attempt inspiring phrases from that the Julia Child. Hang this on your stove where it could cheer you on from the sidelines as you attempt her classic boeuf bourguignon.


‘It Always Seems Impossible’ Art Print by Developed by Wilma – $15

When it’s an endless knit a publication, if you’re working in an ambitious project, it can be easy to eliminate heart midway through. This fox print could make a reminder to keep your eye.


That is My Year Screen-Print by ConiLab – $35

Do you have plans for 2013? Proclaim it to the world with this particular marquee-inspired print from ConiLab.


Color Outside the Lines by Jennifer McCully – $16

If your purpose is to create more artwork this year, invite yourself with this fun piece by artist Jennifer McCully. Bonus: It comes mounted on wood and ready to hang.


Never Forget You Are Beautiful Fine Art Print by Fr̩ya Art & Design Р$75

This adorable elephant could be equally at home in a creative area or in a kid’s room — anyplace you feel requires a dash of additional encouragement.


Open a Novel Fine Art Photograph by Sandra Arduini Photo & Design – $24

Want this to be the year you begin that book club or tackle a list of classic tomes? Hang this print near your squishiest armchair and get reading.


You are Loved Art Print by Shelli Dorfe – $20

I think we can all do with a little more confidence and a little less self-judgement, am I correct? I would place this on the inside door of my cupboard to begin my morning on the ideal note.


Today was a Fantastic Day by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare – $48

Being thankful for what you have and what’s going well in your life on a daily basis is so essential for enjoyment. This huge print from Sarah Ahearn Bellemare are a great reminder to count your blessings each day.

Society 6

Create Art Print – $16

This dreamy bokeh (visually fuzzy) photograph would make the ideal addition to a crafty corner. I would bypass the frame and hang on it from an art wire alongside other smaller prints and found items.


Heart and Intuition Paper Print by Maechevrette Art – $20

This bit of knowledge from Steve Jobs is fitting for the entrepreneur and artistically likely alike.


Trust Your Heart Greeting Card by The Wheatfield – $6

Searching for a thrill? I love picking up fun artsy cards and hanging them in my own inspiration board or artwork wire. This card from artist Katie Daisy are a touch at almost any area.


Einstein Typographic Print by Happy Dappy Bits – $16

Help yourself meet tough goals this year (and keep yourself motivated even when things don’t go as planned) with these words from Albert Einstein.


‘Going, Going’ Art Print by Shelli Dorfe – $18

I think this candy print could be ideal in a kid’s room or play area — as a reminder for parents than the children to unwind and be on “kid time.”


C’est La Vie Print by Moonflowers – $17

As yet another (chicer and more complex) take the exact same opinion, this “C’est la vie” printing could help keep things in perspective.


‘In Order to be Irreplaceable’ Small Turquoise Print by Little Things Studio

This quote from Coco Chanel would be great encouragement for anyone with a creative bent to take risks and push the envelope a little.


Inspiration Paper Print by Maechevrette Art – $20

I chuckle when I read this quote because it is really true. This “lightning strike” of inspiration can strike, but it is much more likely to come when you have been keeping up your end of this deal.


‘It’s Not What the World Holds for You,’ Little by Little Things Studio – $15

Take motivation and live your life with purpose and objective. This print reminds us all to quit making excuses and start living.


Live What You Love Print, Red – $12.75

I really like the bold colour and easy, clean typography of the print by Hijirik, along with the message is such an important one.


Go by The Wheatfield – $18

I can see hanging this lovely botanical print using its quote from Thich Nhat Hanh at a corner devoted to meditation and yoga. It’s a great way to entice yourself to practice.

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How to Clean Mini Blinds and Verticals

Whether mini blinds or vertical blinds rule your roost, dust leaves them somewhat less than lovely if left uncleaned for a while. The way used to clean either surface depends on what the blinds are constructed of: metal or plastic mini blinds gain from a gentle, damp cleaning, whilst wood mini blind or fabric vertical blinds fare much better with completely sterile procedures.

Wipe It Off

A feather duster, soft cloth or static dustcloth eliminates dust out of smooth mini-blind surfaces, such as wood, aluminum or vinyl. Close the blinds so the bottom of every slat faces you, then wipe from top to bottom. Open the blinds and shut them the other way, or so the very top of every slat reaches you, then repeat the process. This method does not work as well on fabric.

Suction Option

A vacuum cleaner removes dust, dirt and cobwebs from all types of mini blinds and vertical blinds. Use the crevice tool to reach into corners of the window frame, in which blinds match frame, then switch over to a brush attachment to clean the actual blind surfaces. Clean mini blinds by shutting the blinds in 1 direction, cleaning, then flipping them closed the opposite way, cleaning . For vertical blinds, work with the blinds open and vacuum every panel from top to bottom, covering both sides of every blind.

Wet Cleaning

Vinyl, painted or metal mini blinds or vertical blinds might be cleaned with a damp sponge and mildly soapy water, even if overly dirty. Cover the floor or windowsill under the blinds with a plastic tarp to catch dripping water. Add a squirt or two of mild dish soap to a bucket of lukewarm water, then dip in a sponge and wring it out. Wipe the blinds, 1 side at a time, beginning at the top and working your way down, with blinds in a closed place. Wring the sponge out frequently to avoid spreading dirt. Once completed with one side, flip the blinds the other way and wash them . With vertical blinds, each side of a vane or board can be cleaned simultaneously by using a towel or two sponges, holding one hand on both sides of each plank, working your way down. Dry any type of blind with a soft cloth afterwards.

Simple Tips

Keep the window sliding door closed while cleaning blinds to avoid dust or debris blowing around the room as you work. Wash the door or window screen before cleanup blinds by massaging the inside-facing surface with the brush attachment; a clean screen ends in blinds that remain clean longer. Spot-clean fabric blinds with a cloth dipped in a mild soapy solution; check with the manufacturer for cleaning tips specific to your brand and model of dividers to get optimum results.

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Procedures for Marble Restoration

A person may purchase a house that needs some fixing up. The new owner sees the beauty and potential in the house and the marble surfaces which became damaged and dull over time. As the new owner, you can hire professionals. If your plan is to do the job yourself, marble recovery entails a couple of crucial procedures.


It is crucial to understand that marble is a limestone, although a lot of men and women think that it is granite. In fact, marble is much thicker than granite, therefore it stains and wears down considerably easier as well. Not all organic stones are equivalent, and each requires different cleaning procedures. Never use vinegar to clean marble as sterile substances etch and dull marble surfaces. Clean marble surfaces with a pH-neutral dish soap or transparent ammonia diluted with water. You can use acetone on dark marble or hydrogen peroxide on light marble for those stubborn stains.


If the damaged surface is masonry tile, then use a handheld oscillating tool with a grout removal blade to remove the grout and ruined piece of the tile. Replace the tile with a fresh one. Fix cracks in marble surfaces with a marble repair compound from your regional home improvement center or marble trader. Leave huge repairs or complete resurfacing up to the professionals.


Marble floors with high heeled areas become dull when organic crystals within the rock erode from abrasion of soil, sand and shoes. Honing is part fixing and part polishing. Perform honing with abrasive pits or stones attached to a handheld oscillating tool. This process leaves a smooth finish but not shiny as with polishing.


Polishing gives marble its sheen and follows the cleaning, repairing and honing procedures. First, employ a marble stripper by following the instructions on the bottle. Rinse the masonry surface twice with clean water and allow it to dry completely. If you are doing the job yourself, rent a floor buffer for marble floors and apply the gloss in 3-by-3-foot segments, using a side-by-side movement. For other marble surfaces, a tiny rotary buffer or car buffer will get the job finished. Polishing typically requires three applications to accomplish a large, even gloss.


Because bathroom and kitchen countertops come in contact with acidic or greasy substances like ketchup, lemons and cosmetics, sealing them is probably the best way to protect them. Employ stone sealants annually to shut pores in the masonry and protect the surface from harm.

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The Way to Get Dark Mold From a Wood Ceiling

The indicators of mold growing on your ceiling — chipping or peeling paint, moisture stains and blackened regions — are simple to spot. Moreover, you can usually smell mold in an area where it is growing, and that’s why it’s important to get rid of it: Mold is poisonous. Mold isn’t as difficult to remove from a wood ceiling as it’s from a roof; wood isn’t as porous, so the mold tends to remain on the surface. Cleanup involves a trip to the loft and may involve some repair to the ceiling paint.

Put on a respirator, rubber gloves and goggles. You should also wear a protective over-suit that you could wash whenever the job is completed. Switch off the central air , cover the intake vents with plastic sheeting, and open the windows in the room where you are working.

Spread a plastic dropcloth on the ground. Scrape any loose or peeling paint from the affected region of the ceiling with a paint scraper and collect the paint chips onto the dropcloth. Deposit the dropcloth in a plastic garbage bag and close the bag once you have completed scratching. Vacuum the area and put a new dropcloth.

Mix 2 cups of chlorine bleach and 1/4 cup of laundry detergent in a bucket with a gallon of warm water. Scrub the mould using this solution and a scrub brush. Be sure to wash all of the discoloration from edges and corners of paint chips. Rinse the regions you wash with clear water and a sponge.

Go into the attic with a flashlight and examine the ceiling rafters and rear of the ceiling. Wash and rinse some discolored areas you find.

Let the ceiling dry out, then repair the paint.

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How Long Can a Sealed Can of Interior Paint Last?

Old cans of interior paint may stay usable for many years if they have been kept tightly sealed and stored away from freezing temperatures. Evaluation old paint stirring it well, then brushing it on to old newspapers. If there are lumps in the paint, it is no longer good and ought to be discarded.

Paint’s Shelf Life

The shelf life of paint depends on the kind and whether the paint container was opened. Solvent-based oil or alkyd paints can stay usable for up to 15 years when they were not opened and always kept away from temperature extremes. Water-based latex and acrylic paints can stay good for up to 10 years if not opened and kept from freezing. Leftover paints that have been opened ought to be closed tightly, stored in a cool, dry place and used within two years.

Paint Gone Bad

Paints normally separate into solids and liquid during long-term storage. If you can stir the solids smoothly back into the liquid, then you can most likely use stored paints. However, if the solids have hardened on the bottom of the can and won’t mix with the liquid, then the paint is spoiled and should be discarded. Other indications that older paint has spoiled include a foul odor when the can is opened and visible mold and mildew in the paint.

Touch Ups or Undercoat

If the paints have been in colors you have in your property, keep them for touch ups and repainting of badly soiled areas. If you’ve got small quantities of many different colors, either move the paints into small containers and label them mix the leftovers collectively by paint type and utilize them as an undercoat at a future painting job. If you’ve got a lot of gallons of very good paint you don’t want anymore, provide it to friends, neighbors or relatives. Or contribute the good paint into a charity that does house renovations for needy families.

Paint Disposal

If you can’t use the previous paints give them off, repaint acrylic and latex paints with kitty litter before throwing them off. Mix one part paint and 2 components clay-based kitty mess and stir well. The paint should solidify in about an hour. For undesirable alkyd and oil-based paints, please consult your state or local environmental protection officials for dates and locations of hazardous waste collections.

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How to Paint an Antique Bronze Finish

Transform humdrum, everyday objects by painting them with a faux antique bronze finish. From lamp bases to planters, bookends into light-switch covers, this effortless technique produces a fascinating look of depth. Length of metallic paint in various colors are blended over a base coat, then darkened with a glaze to generate the aged effect. For an even more stunning look, try this complete on bigger projects like a metal bed frame, mantelpiece or focal point wall.

Prepare the surface by cleaning it to remove surface dirt. You do not have to remove the finish unless it’s waxy, greasy or peeling. Surface imperfections add credibility and interest for this faux painting design, so only a light sanding is needed.

Paint the thing using a primer right into the surface. If you’re painting on a slick surface like laminate or metal, use a bonding primer that will adhere nicely. Permit the primer to dry.

Paint the primed surface with glowing golden latex paint, using a brush or roller right into the dimensions of your job. Make sure the surface is completely covered; allow it to dry overnight.

Apply layers of contrasting metallic paint softly pouncing using a clean cotton rag. Dip the rag into crimson metallic paint and lightly dab the paint onto the outside, softening the edges and leaving some regions untouched. Repeat with copper metallic paint, hitting the regions untouched by the red paint and allowing a few copper to float with the red. Finish with a light coating of gold paint, using the rag to add highlights and soften red or copper areas that look overly strong. Permit the surface to dry to the touch.

Prepare a glaze by mixing black latex paint with glazing medium, after the product directions for proportions. You are able to add some brown paint, such as burnt umber, to create a darker coloured glaze. The glaze with a family paintbrush, working in sections. Immediately wipe the glaze off with a clean cotton rag, leaving the darkened weathered along edges and in cracks and crevices in the surface. Repeat on adjacent sections, feathering the edges to prevent a distinct overlap. If you’d like a darker look, employ a second glaze coating after the first has dried to the touch. Permit the glazed piece to dry for 24 hours.

Coat the surface with clear varnish or polyurethane, if desired, to add additional protection. Utilize a matte or non-gloss finish for a more authentic look. Permit the coating to cure for 24 to 72 hours, or according to product directions.

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How to Remove Wax Build-Up on Hardwood Floors

Wax provides great protection for your floor if it is completed with a penetrating sealer, and it can make polyurethane, lacquer and shellac finishes additional shiny when it is fresh. Wax never actually hardens, though, and sooner or later it’ll collect enough dirt to cloud the finish. Moreover, it eventually turns yellow. The solution will be to strip the wax and then apply a fresh coat. This really is a job for a solvent that dissolves wax without affecting the finish, and the National Wood Flooring Association recommends absorbent mineral spirits. Get a few knee pads, since the job involves scrubbing.

Moisten a cloth with mineral spirits, which can be accessible at any hardware store. Rub down a small area of the ground — a place of about two feet square will be all about the right size. Rub with the grain of the wood.

Rearrange the cloth once it becomes filled with wax to reveal a clean portion of it. Moisten the cloth with more mineral spirits and keep rubbing. Continue in this manner until you’ve completed the first part of floor.

Moisten a clean cloth with more mineral spirits and rub the area you just washed. Look at the cloth; if it is yellow, then clean the whole section again. Repeat until a clean fabric stays clean once you rub the area.

Go over the area once again with a pad of 0000 steel wool moistened with mineral spirits. The steel wool will remove wax residue from the timber grain. If the ground has a V-groove, work the steel wool into the groove to remove wax from that point.

Mop the floor with hot water once you’ve stripped all of the wax, then dry the ground with a rag. Do not leave any standing water — it can hurt the finish.

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The Way to Get Water Rumors Out of Wood Tables

A water ring to a hardwood table doesn’t need to signal the end of the table’s life. Accidents happen; a stray teapot or a coffee cup can lead to a white ring which may appear to defy removal. Water rings can often be repaired with regular household items, and you don’t need to be a house handyman. There is no need to toss it out; keep your table from the landfill and also in your house.

Clean the surface of the table using a damp cloth and permit it to dry. Make certain there’s no dust, dirt or deposits on the table surface.

Cover the ring with a clean, plain white 100 percent cotton T-shirt. Lay it flat above the ring, then covering the entire ring. Don’t use a shirt with words or pictures because the colours or ink may bleed through and damage the table. A top notch with polyester content may also discolor the tabletop.

Set your steam iron into the atmosphere just below cotton and let it come up to temperature. Typically, the lights on your iron stop flashing when it is at fever, but to be sure, check the iron operation manual. If your iron doesn’t create a constant stream of steam, then get accustomed to the steam burst attribute and practice using the burst until you can create a pretty constant steam. Make sure that the water heater is complete once you initiate the ring removal; this method uses a lot of steam.

Hold the iron above the T-shirt over the ring. Maintain the iron 1/4 inch over the shirt and permit the steam to penetrate through the top for about 30 seconds. Move the iron about; don’t stop in any 1 location. Don’t set the iron on the T-shirt. Use bursts of steam close together if your iron doesn’t create a constant flow.

Set your iron to the side and permit the T-shirt to trendy. Boost the shirt and examine the ring. If it is still visible, replace the shirt above the ring.

Examine the water reservoir, fill it if required and let the iron come back up to temperature.

Steam the ring a second time. Let the shirt cool before lifting to test. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Allow the table surface to cool completely before applying any furniture shine if that is part of your table care.

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