6 Furniture Problems That You Can Fix Yourself

Crystal Dvorak is a professional painters in Chandler, AZ restorer.  She has created, restored and recycled all kinds of furniture for over 20 years. She owns Urban Patina shop in Shakopee MN. In this article, she will share with you different ways that you can fix your furnishings on your own.

Loose Rungs on Your Chairs

You can glue back the loose rungs into place. Get rid of the old glue and then sand down the end of the rung clean until you get to the wood. Using a syringe, apply glue where the opening of the glue is. Insert the rung into place and then clamp up the wood tightly until the glue dries.

Loose Seams

In case exterior house painting Chandler, AZ starts to get detached at the seams, you don’t need to screw them in together. Just buy flat corner braces from a hardware store.  Place the brace at the back of the furnishing and over the joint where the wood is the thickest. Clamp it tightly and then drill holes into it. Then drive in the screws through these holes.

Loose Legs

Sand the end of the leg and then apply wood glue on it. Then clamp the leg firmly into place. Slightly drill the wood, and then drive in the screws through these holes. Pre-drilling prevents the wood from splitting. Countersink the screws and then apply wood filler and sand up the area until it’s smooth. Apply varnish or paint on it.

Broken Drawer Corners

Remove any nails that might be in the corners. Completely take apart the corners and then sand them up. Apply wood glue and clamp the corner into place until the glue dries up. To prevent the drawer from getting sticky, apply beeswax on it so it will glide smoothly when being opened or closed.

Worn Out Veneer

Lots of Chandler painting have veneer coverings. This includes tables, chairs, and desks. This veneer can start peeling off over time.

In case the veneer starts to lift out of place, first clean out the surface between the veneer and the wood. Then apply wood glue in the space using a syringe. Press down the veneer. Press a piece of wood over it and then clamp it down. If you don’t have a clamp, place a heavy object over the veneer.

In case the veneer has chipped off, use a wood filler to fill it out. Then apply paint or varnish on the affected area.

Uneven Table

A table will rock back and forth if all its legs are not equal. You can level the table by fastening nail on glides to the leg or legs which are shorter than the rest. To use it, measure the difference between the leg and the floor. Then drill a hole into the legs which don’t have a problem and insert the glide. Shim the leg with a problem using washers, and then put the washers over the problematic leg. The washer should be thick enough to reach the floor. In the end, insert a glide over the washer.