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2012 Trends: See What's Ahead in Kitchen Faucets and Fixtures

Lots of new kitchen amenities and and styles are in store for remodelers this year, such as integrated sinks and drainboards, sinks you are able to conceal or personalize, stainless steel apron-front countertops, lots of new faucets, and new darker finishes. Continue reading for some faucet and fixture tendencies for your kitchen this year, dependent on trade shows, insights from The Home Depot, and ongoing industry research.

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BLANCORONIS: The Entertainment Sink

Hiding your sink is a European trend starting to make its way across the Atlantic.

They are developed for”un-kitchen” open plan looks. In addition to minimizing visible sink mess, they also add kitchen counter and prep space.

Elkay Avado Sink – $2,205

Modular sinks that incorporate flexible bowl configurations and accessories will be sexy in 2012.

We’ve become so accustomed to our electronic work surfaces, so it’s inevitable that we will want to personalize our additional work surfaces too. Think of them as iSinks, together with the I position for”individual preference.”

Silestone Nebula with Integrated Quartz Sink

Engineered stone countertops, a.k.a quartz, stay on-trend. What’s likely to be a hot trend in 2012 is the integrated quartz sink.

Integrated countertops have been popular for Corian, stainless steel and granite countertops. Their availability from producers, not just a few revolutionary fabricators, is new, exciting and likely to be a popular fad this year.

Paul Anater

I expect integrated drainboards to be a trend this year, too. They will likely be smaller in size than this dramatic model Blanco showed us at a Living Kitchen display in Cologne last year. Most of the fixtures producers at the show featured integrated drainboards, and a few have begun to provide them in the U.S. market. Keep a look out for them at a showroom near you.

Pankow Construction – Design/Remodeling – PHX, AZ

Once seen mostly in copper and white, newer apron-front sink offerings are sexy in low-maintenance, modern stainless steel.

Also expect to find more shallow apron-front sinks that are suitable for remodeling functions. This means they’ll fit into a standard sink base cabinet with its front removed and can be used when you update to granite counters.


Zero Radius Seamless Undermount Kitchen Sink – $744

Dan Sullivan’s Affluence Seamless Sink (now, introduced the faucet drain when none of the significant sink firms were considering his invention. It won a significant design award and the hearts of architects and homeowners, such as me.

The majors have begun to take notice, and are introducing their own versions to the marketplace this year. Expect to see more of those clean-lined sinks in 2012.

Susan Serra

Nation and rustic inspired faucet shapes will be big this year in both traditional and non-traditional spaces and styles. Bridge taps are going to appear in expected finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze, but also in polished nickel. They’ll be large and accessible in traditional and modern styles.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

Modern compact taps will probably be hot this year, particularly pull-down styles. These include both modern dash and convenience to your kitchen and work with contemporary or traditional sinks, as revealed here.

Kitchen Faucets – $569.25

More one-touch and sensor taps will be entering the residential market. This will be a popular trend in 2012 as more homeowners take for their convenience and possibility of germ reduction.

Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

Dark finishes are showing up all over the area this year in some intriguing variants. There’s a new dark chrome many makers are offering, together with brown and black composites and the popular oil-rubbed bronze.

10 Components of Today’s State-of-the-Art Kitchens

Fab Fixtures: The Wall-Mounted Faucet

Bronze: Ancient Metal With Modern Appeal

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Kitchen of the Week: Ultra-White Cabinetry in Calgary

While each of the components of this kitchen stand out — rich walnut floors, contemporary design, and sleek stainless steel cappliances — the real show-stopper is the high-gloss white cabinetry. This cabinetry may be the brightest, whitest, shiniest custom cabinetry out there — thanks to a professional piano finisher. To make the space seem as clean and modern as you can, the designers at Fifth Element Homes at Calgary, Alberta sent this cabinetry into a piano finisher to provide it the same high-gloss white as the keys on a grand piano.

For this project, the client wanted a sleek, white kitchen which may still be functional for entertaining large groups of people. Having an open floor plan was crucial, as had been having sufficient space and storage to cook economically — without sacrificing style.

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Fifth Element Homes

Full-height pull-out cabinets on the back wall and storage under either side of the island offer sufficient storage whilst keeping up the kitchen’s minimal and clean look.

The walnut island blends beautifully with the rich flooring, and a white quartz countertop on the island offers a durable surface.

Refrigerator: 42-inch Sub-Zero

Fifth Element Homes

The kitchen was built for a client who loves to entertain. Since the kitchen is indeed often the heart of those events, the client wanted to make certain this principal level had an open floor plan which would not divide up the space . The kitchen is situated with a dining room and a sitting area directly to the side — a perfect way to control overflow whilst dinner is cooking, and permit guests to roam around without feeling separated from the activity.

Fifth Element Homes

A more compact living room sits just past the kitchen bar. There’s no TV in this room — it is meant as an addition to the kitchen. A small sleeper sofa provides a feeling of coziness in the rather large space.

Fifth Element Homes

The backsplash was handmade at a seamless custom cement, which removes any grout lines. It had been extended a distinctive wave-like pattern and feel for visual interest. The feel is very subtle, which also makes it effortless to wash.

Hood: Zephyr 36-inch Roma (Essentials Europa)
Range: Miele 36-inch Gas 5-burner (Vintage series)

Fifth Element Homes

The walnut floors finished onsite using a low-sheen, high-traffic commercial clear coat. The rich, warm wood provides a perfect contrast to the white cabinetry and stainless appliances.

Oven: Miele 30-inch Traditional series oven and microwave combo

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Kitchen Design: Baking Stations Make Cooking More Enjoyable

As soon as Halloween is over, it seems Thanksgiving and Christmas are instantly upon us. The weather warms and the scents of sweet and salty treats fill the kitchen. However, it may be a struggle to separate holiday baking from the day-to-day meal preparation and entertaining needs. Setting up a separate baking channel is a great solution which can be surprisingly inexpensive and effortless.

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1. Strategy for purpose. Ideally, your baking channel ought to be a little lower than your typical countertop, which makes it a lot easier to roll dough out or knead bread. A setup similar to this one separates the baking area from the rest of the island. This little baking corner also has an wonderful mixer elevator, which keeps the owner’s KitchenAid from the way, nevertheless ready to work with at a minute’s notice.

Design Studio -Teri Koss

Look for a surface designed for baking. Traditionally, the marble has become the baker’s choice. The hard surface is easy to clean and stays cool, a bonus when working with pastry doughs.

Al Williams

2. Decide how much space you want. Before determining where you need to tuck a baking area into your kitchen, figure out exactly how much space you’ll need. Pull out all of your baking supplies and place them into 1 area. Odds are you have more than you think.

Superior Woodcraft, Inc..

If you don’t have sufficient space for everything on your baking room, split your supplies into those you use frequently and those that you simply use occasionally. The latter can be stored elsewhere.

Mascheroni Construction

3. Consider your options. Attempt a roll-around cupboard that tucks underneath your countertop. It can be moved to where it is needed, then hidden away when not being used. Drawers and shelves offer storage for baking utensils and pans.

Shannon Cabinetry

Find a side table to use as a temporary baking center. Place it next to your oven for easy access or place it at the conclusion of the island so it is possible to roll dough out and cut biscuits while entertaining guests. Like the roll-around cupboard, another table can be easily moved out of the way when it isn’t needed.

Colmar Kitchen Studio

Turn a massive cabinet, buffet or dinning table into a baking channel. Insert a marble countertop, be sure that an outlet is nearby and you are all set.

Bluebell Kitchens

4. Designate a room. Keep your baking channel close to the kitchen work triangle of oven, sink and refrigerator. Not only is this amazingly convenient, it helps split your kitchen into separate regions for cooking and also for entertaining and dining.

5. Keep things organized and easy. Maintaining all of your baking supplies in 1 place means that you can grab anything you want at a minute’s notice. Open cabinetry is a bonus if you are searchng for that last ingredient.

Nicole Lanteri Design

Create a space for everything and keep everything in its proper spot. Flours, grains and sugars belong in airtight containers. Organize spices onto a rack or tray — and keep them away from direct heat from the stove.

Divine Design+Build

Find a location nearby for cookbooks and recipe cards. Should you refer to recipes on the internet, you may also conserve shelf space with a rack for your laptop or iPad.

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