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After the holiday season is in full swing it’s time to host celebrations and accommodate visitors to make them feel comfortable. Your powder room might seem to be a rarely used little jewel box the rest of the year, however when the guests begin pouring through the door it’s important functions to perform! Believe it or not, a poorly thought-out half bath can really be a source of stress for your visitors, who need to have the ability to freshen up smoothly with everything they want readily at hand. Have a look at these great examples and tips on how best to design the perfect powder area to pamper your guests.

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Whirlpool baths are a terrific area for dramatic appearances, and they are able to look so pretty with soft lighting and candles.

However, your guests frequently use the powder room to apply lipstick (or to assess whether they might have anything stuck between their teeth prior to flashing that joyful smile with a piece of lettuce front-and-center).

Providing plenty of lighting and a good mirror are important. These lovely wall sconces placed on either side of the mirror provide great lighting.

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Put on a dimmer switch. The minimal level of lighting in this powder room looks so pretty bright softly from the deep color of their walls.

But using a dimmer switch, your guest can turn up the light as required to make sure they have not pulled the wrong shade of lipstick out of the purse.

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This stunning powder area positively bathes the guest in mild from a chandelier, pendants on either side of the mirror and lighting in the markets.

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A mirror that allows guests of any height test their faces is good, and the previous three powder rooms handled nicely with generously sized mirrors above their sinks.

I’m only 5′ 2″, and happen to be in powder rooms with small mirrors placed so high I had to stand on tiptoe to see my head.

This floor-to-ceiling mirror behind the dressing table is a wonderful bonus, allowing guests to provide their entire outfit a quick check.

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Provide your visitors with a location for their bag and other hand-held products. This vanity has a nice, wide countertop with loads of room to place a purse or toiletries to freshen up.

Don’t you hate going into a powder room and needing to balance your purse on the edge of a pedestal sink whilst attempting to rummage through it? Then you pull out an item or two you want to use and there is not any place to set down those, either. I really don’t know about you, but I also don’t like having to put my purse on the ground.

Hint: If your powder room already has a pedestal sink with no counter space, consider including a couple of hooks on the wall for hanging up bags, coats or sweaters.

If you have a pedestal sink, then you might add a small table to provide space for your guests’ personal products.

This powder room has a wonderful full-length mirror.

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Here’s a lavish touch. Click on this picture to see below this stunning vanity and you will come across a little upholstered stool. It’s so nice to have the ability to perch on something apart from the toilet seat if you want to.

Additionally, it offers another place to place a purse or sweater.

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Am I the only one who has become a beautifully decorated powder area to find nothing but a jewel encrusted, be-ribboned and heavily tassled hand towel — also been so intimidated by it I just let my palms air dry?

Provide your visitors with hand towels they know they can use. Shared hand towels can spread germs; this stack of cloth towels is a more opulent way of giving your guests a more sanitary way to dry their hands. Provide a basket for the soiled towels and put one in — or tag it so it is not confused for a waste basket.

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This tray filled with color-coordinated paper towels is appealing, convenient and sanitary. The box of cells covered in a mailbox is just another very helpful amenity for your visitors. You can find coordinated containers at every price point. The demonstration is so much nicer than plastic liquid soap packs and cardboard tissue boxes.

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I love everything about this elegant powder room. The table lamps include an opulent feel while the ceiling lamps provide additional illumination. There’s loads of counter space, along with the tray together with rolled guest towels is a gracious way to offer new towels for everyone. The lower shelf of this vanity gives a great place to place extra amenities for your visitors.

Hint: To get a truly luxurious powder area, have a page from restrooms in high-end restaurants or clubs and provide some toiletries that would be helpful: liquid soap, air freshener, hand sanitizer, lotion, tissues, toothpicks, hair spray. Put them all in decorative containers. Set them on a beautiful tray to help keep them corralled and clean.

Using transparent containers of varying heights for the toiletries you supply makes them easy to recognize and adds flair into the counter top.

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Maintaining additional supplies close at hand makes it easy for you to quickly refresh the room. Having extra storage at a powder room can be tough if the room is really small, but there are very slim vanities available that provide a surprising amount of storage.

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If you don’t have a dressing table with cupboard space, utilizing a decorative chest like the one under this counter can supply just enough space for extra towels and toilet paper.

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Another great little chest is under this particular corner shelf and dressing table. Such a great immediate storage idea!

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You can tuck storage space in lots of places apart from under the sink. This powder room includes a little cupboard flush in the wall above the toilet.

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The storage is to one side of the sink on a floating shelf that functions as countertop in such a long, narrow powder area. I really don’t know whether that long shelf has some drawer space inside, but it is thick enough to possess it. That is a good spot to keep extra supplies.

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Skirting can make a great hiding place for the supplies. A black leather skirt provides this room extra sex appeal as well as functionality.

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This wall-hung dressing table is minimal, keeping the spacious feel of this restroom. But in addition, it has these great little side cubbies to stash conveniences.

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This little secret compartment is built into the wall so it takes up no precious floor space. I would leave it open, just like that, when guests are at the home.

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We have been studying the primping works of this powder room and how to best accommodate them, but let us get down to the business end. Ladies, we’ve all been there: you are at somebody else’s home and too late, you observe the toilet paper has run out. Aaarghh! Don’t let this happen for your visitors. Have toilet paper within arm’s reach of the toilet. This contemporary little powder room really makes a decorative statement out of the stored rolls with nine markets just for the purpose.

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T.P. can run out fast at a major party. This niche is perfectly placed and it holds several rolls so that you can spend your time enjoying the party rather than checking supply levels.

You don’t need to construct in a niche to provide an attractive way to hold the extra rolls. I enjoy this particular clear, tall tube because of its minimal appearance. Baskets work also.

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The freestanding holder beside this toilet holds one roster in a simple position for usage, together with extras below. Keep a waste basket next to it to get a place to discard the empties.

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No toilet paper in sight here. It looks to me like that might be one of those magnificent toilet and bidet mixes that disturbs you and dries you also. If your guests are more comfortable using a more European solution, you might just not require any toilet paper at all.

While I’m speaking about automation, I just love those new super high-definition air conditioners for your hands that I’m discovering in public restrooms. They are fast, sanitary and they eliminate paper litter. If there’s an attractive version for residential toilets, I’m going to get one and eliminate the need for hand towels altogether.

Inform us Is there anything else that you think should maintain the perfect powder room?

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