The best way to Repot a Gerbera

Using its vivid colourful flowers and huge middle eye, the Gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) makes a striking addition to your own houseplant garden. These crops thrive in problems in vibrant however in direct light, making. Gerbera need repotting every two or one years when become crowded and the roots start to fill the pot. Repot the daisy in springtime, prior to the plant starts sending up new development.

Select a pot one size bigger than the one where the Gerbera is presently developing. The pot should include at least one drain hole in the underside.

Fill the pot with 3 inches of soil. Use the same kind of soil in the pot that is present or a related mix formulated for flowering house plants.

Place your hand on the best the pot together with the daisy stem between your fingers. Turn the pot upside-down while supporting the soil ball. In the event roots and the soil do not slide-out, tap the rim of the upside down pot against the edge of a table.

Brush the extra soil in the roots. Examine the roots of the Gerbera daisy and trim off any that seem dis-eased or rotten.

Set the plant to the pot that was new. Add or remove soil from under the the root ball before the very best of the root-system sits 1 inch under the the rim of the pot that is new. Fill in around the roots with soil.

Water the recently re-potted Gerbera daisy in the pot bottom until moisture drips. The plant may wilt somewhat subsequent re-potting but will resume development within one or two months with care.

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