Recycle and Reuse Home Decorating Ideas

New homeowners attempt to find cost-effective strategies to decorate their new abodes to suit their own fashions. Redecorating can be pricey, but by recycling and reusing items in the previous house or items offered to you by family and friends, you can save money and make one-of-kind house decor.

Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can add style to a living room couch, office chair or mattress. Use old curtains, blankets, clothing and tablecloths you presently have in your dwelling. Select cloths of patterns, textures and colours. Cut on 18-inch or 16-inch squares. Use 1 square to the other for the back and the front of the pillow. Materials the squares feathers down or polyester filling. Use a sewing machine to attach the squares and seal in the meeting.

Jeweled Magnets

As opposed to throwing off old jewelry or keeping it concealed in your jewelry box, you may use it to make decorative magnets to your fridge or house communication center. Magnets come in handy for holding mail, important notes, to-do lists, business cards and children’s art. “Country Living” magazine suggests utilizing needle-nose pliers to remove the backs of jewellery pieces like brooches and rings. Employ magnets–which you’ll be able to purchase from the craft shop or remove from your present refrigerator magnets–into the backs of these jewelry pieces using super-strength adhesive. Allow the pieces dry for 24 hours.


Add appeal and style into old furniture by sprucing it up with a coat of your preferred color. Whether you’ve got old furniture passed down from family members or bits you picked up at a yard sale, paint can transform them and give your house a new look. Reusing old furniture rather than purchasing new can help maximize your decorating budget.

Coffee Can Wine Rack

If you entertain often or are a wine connoisseur, you know the importance of a wine rack. Wine racks can be pricey, however you can make a cost-effective”green” wine rack utilizing empty coffee cans. Remove and bottoms from coffee canisters. Paint the containers using spray paint or leftover paint you’ve got from another project, and cover them with cloth or leave them as is, using their routine packaging as a design component. Allow the cans dry before you start making your rack. “Real Simple” magazine suggests using powerful glue to connect the headphones to one another. You can produce a pattern that is suitable for the d├ęcor of your house. Allow the cans dry completely before inserting the wine bottles. This piece is guaranteed to start conversations among your guests.

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