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Blues Blaze Into Fashion for Fall 2012

Start looking for blue as one of the handful of colours touted as”in” this fall. Pantone, a company which develops and preserves color management systems used by designers, calls Olympian Blue (consider the grim on the Greek flag) one of the year’s best hues. And trend bloggers are reporting seeing a significant bit of peacock blue and teal — profound, watery blues which have a touch of green in them on the runways.

Most homeowners can’t or do not need to modify the colours of their interior with every passing fad, but if you are looking for a small way to make a large change in your house, try introducing these hip blue colours in your decor.

Suggestions for autumn’s hottest oranges

Jennifer Ott Design

Select up on the blue fashion by incorporating one or more of those colours on your interiors, clockwise from top left: Peacock Blue GLB01, from Glidden; Caribbean Blue Water 2055-30, from Benjamin Moore; Hyper Blue SW 6965, from Sherwin-Williams; and Tidal Teal 5006-8B from Valspar.

House + House Architects

A teal accent wall in your bedroom paired with spicy oranges and yellows creates an exotic vibe reminiscent of faraway places. Just make sure you keep the flooring a light, neutral colour and limit the art and accessories to a few important pieces, to avoid the space from feeling overly busy and cluttered.

Martinkovic Milford Architects

Tons of extreme colour can be overpowering in a space. If you want to go bold on the walls but want a more soothing effect, take a tip from this beautiful toilet and keep everything else straightforward, neutral and light.

Laura U, Inc..

Peacock blue is striking in the bedroom contrary to the white, black, brown and gray hues.

Oceanside Glasstile

These glass mosaic tiles from Oceanside Glasstile make a gorgeous accent wall. The colours are reminiscent of cool blue Mediterranean waters, perfect for carrying a long, relaxing soak. With such a solid decorative part on the walls, the room needs no other art or bold colour to enhance it.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

If you are worried about investing a massive chunk of change on wall tile which you might grow tired of down the street, or just do not have a budget which can accommodate it, try tapping into your internal abstract artist (or enlist the help of an artistic friend, or even employ a pro) to paint a color-field accent wall on your preferred cool hues. This could be supereasy to alter out if you desire another look later on.


Trina Turk Blue Peacock Comforter and Duvet Cover Set

Stick to bold blue accessories to get a smaller-scale approach for this trend. This bedding by Trina Turk could gussy up the dullest of bedrooms. It’s a great way to inject some colour into a neutral bedroom without needing to dig out your paintbrush.

West Elm

Potter’s Workshop Tableware – $50

These new dishes from West Elm include a beautiful beaded pattern in this year’s hip colors of blue.


Seaport Vases – $79.95

Collect a few of those vases together in a place of prominence in your house, and you’ve got a wonderful spot of colour. Add some yellow and green through cut flowers, and you’ll instantly have a beautiful, colorful focal point.


Remembrance Carpet Tile, Teal

Flor took inspiration from faded, antique oriental rugs for this line of carpet tiles. The pattern is very forgiving if you just happen to fall behind in your housecleaning, and the green-blue colours pair nicely with so many other colours, from grays into purples to greens into other blues.


Carly Pillow

These cushions are perfect perched atop a camel-colored couch (or any other furniture with a neutral colour ).


Picture Pool Sofa – $1,099

Normally I suggest staying away from bold, stylish colors for things which you don’t wish to change out very frequently, but sometimes you fall in love with an item and discover a way to make it work. This peacock-blue couch looks fantastic in a minimalist, contemporary space where it can be the star of this series.

Jonathan Adler

Leather Moroccan Pouf | Jonathan Adler – $275

If you love this colour but don’t need to dedicate an entire couch for this, try thinking in relation to smaller, less costly pieces, like this fabulous pouf from Jonathan Adler.

Z Gallerie

Aquarius Stemware – $39.80

If your drink of choice is red wine, then be forewarned that it might not seem so great in those blue-tinged stemware pieces, but go right ahead and fill them up with your favorite white wine, champagne or sparkling water.


Phoenix Swoon Bar Stools – $139

If I was on the marketplace for new counter stools, these are on top of my list. I love the clean lines and gorgeous shade of blue.


Carved Stool – $259

Looking for some interesting pieces to improve your living room? This handsome concave-front console and also carved blossom in Olympian Blue are standouts.


Brukbar Glass – $1.49

Bring Olympian Blue in your dining area without breaking the bank. This juice from Ikea costs just $1.49.

The Business Store

Ombré Rug – $39

Beautiful cool colours stitched together in an ombré effect create a terrific runner. The palette complements a hot wood floor nicely, but it would also look very stylish on a gray polished concrete flooring.

Inform us: What’s your preferred blue hue? Have you ever used it to boost your home’s interior?

More ways with blue

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Marine Blue Washes Ashore

As its name implies, marine blue is drawn from naval uniforms and ocean depths, plus it is a cornerstone of the classic coastal palette. Nevertheless this soulful, satisfying color — a hot colour with the barest undercurrent of green — looks even fresher away from the ocean.

Just like a well-cut blazer, marine blue is versatile, handsome and always in good taste, whether it takes the kind of Hollywood Regency elegance or eclectic chic. Have a look at the enormously different styles it adopts in the spaces below.

ZeroEnergy Design

A delightful marine-blue background adds richness and depth to this headboard. It complements the red-orange wall in the adjoining living room perfectly.

Glazed marine-blue backsplash tiles provide an otherwise neutral kitchen additional dimension. The white and natural wood surfaces retain the focus on that gorgeous stroke of color.

Katie Denham Interiors

Marine blue accents help to floor the bold reds in this bedroom. Though this home sits on the California coast, the appearance would be just as appropriate for a Chicago pied-à-terre or even a suburban ranch in Raleigh.

Studio William Hefner

This ranks up there with my all-time favourite photographs on . The blue velvet glows in the light bouncing off the walls along with the antiqued mirror, its own tones shifting between marine and navy and indigo for a quietly dramatic impact.

Jeff Sheats Designs

Though this bathroom would feel on point in a coastal home, swapping out the art would push it in a more conventional direction. The aluminum sink picks the hot undertones in the blue cabinet finish and represents a subtle spin on the classic pairing of blue and orange.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Nuanced, striated blue tiles in a pattern of interlocking ovals provide this transitional bathroom a beautiful feeling of motion and flow.

Savvy Interiors

The time-honored blue and yellow color palette receives a sophisticated spin with a butter-hued sofa and extreme marine blue on the walls along with ottoman.

Belzberg Architects

Under a cloak of luminous blue tile this tub area shimmers just like the ocean.

Benjamin Moore Marine Blue 2059-10 Paint – $35.95

Rich and complex, this gloomy could be ideal for a research, a powder tub, a boudoir or a dining room. Add a coating of lacquer to give it a high-wattage gleam.

Sundance Catalog

Big Color-Tipped Cutting Board – $150

Dipped in a marine-blue wash, this cutting board extends from workhorse to function of art. It’s almost too pretty to mar with knife marks — I’d hang it on a kitchen wall rather.


Robert Abbey Triple Gourd Table Lamp, Marine Blue – $261.80

A classic lamp base profile gets an update in vibrant marine blue.

F. Schumacher & Co..

Santorini Print, Marine

Indoor-outdoor fabrics such as this one work beautifully in breakfast regions and dining rooms — they resist spilled food and sticky fingers. I could see this on bar stools or simple chairs in a kitchen with kelly-green cabinetry for a burst of preppy panache.

Modern Armchairs

Blue leather adds dignified charm for this midcentury modern–inspired armchair.


Royal Crown Derby Grenville Place Setting – $325

Mix in a few pieces of this delicate china pattern to elevate an assortment of basic porcelain.

The Lacquer Company

Handmade High-Gloss Lacquer Ice Bucket by Rita Konig, Blue Marine – $395

This showstopping ice bucket deserves a place front and centre on the pub buffet or cart.

Colors of Light

Ironwork Trellis Dhurrie Rug, Cobalt Blue and Ivory – $59

Where would not this versatile dhurrie function? Use it to anchor a living space, jazz up a hallway, freshen up a formal dining space or hot a guest suite.


Iron/Tones Smart Split Top-Mount or Undermount Sink – $1,295

Part of a limited-edition line of Jonathan Adler colours, this sink would draw the eye like a magnet in a pristine kitchen.

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Tricky Yellow — Friend or Foe?

Sunny yellow can conjure up happy, warm feelings, but it can also represent cowardliness, betrayal, jealousy and duplicity. Regardless of what the consequence, yellow grabs attention and grabs the eye. In poorly lit halls, yellow shows the way. In bedrooms it lifts the mood. But be cautious — bright yellow can look too strong and become an irritant. Don’t let that scare you from using this color, however! Here’s some expert guidance about how yellow can better your property.

Contemporary house architects

Yellow represents glory, joy, wisdom and royalty in China — it was worn with the emperors of ancient times. It is also considered a masculine color — utilized to depict the yang, while white and black symbolize the female yin.

Mixing the masculine yellow and feminine black collectively gives this Asian-inspired room equilibrium.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Feng shui practitioner Rodika Tchi states, “Golds and yellows are the darlings of a good feng shui home. Gold is very popular in feng shui because of its association with wealth and money, and yellow is your complete color of warmth and happiness. The ideal use of these colors will bring a lively, warm but also energy.”

Potter functions beautifully with contrasting blue to give a relaxing and cool vibe to this elegant bedroom.

Paula Grace Designs, Inc..

In Hinduism yellow is the color of the solar plexus chakra, which is representative of energy and will. The notion is that when this chakra is open, it functions to empower a person to find personal advantage.

These lovely soft yellows and golds are very easy on the eye — a perfect backdrop for rejuvenating at the end of the day.

LDa Interiors & Architecture

Yellow is the easiest color to see in the distance — that is why taxis are usually yellow, along with the yellow flag in automobile races signals caution. Historically, girls across many cultures utilized to tie a yellow ribbon in their hair or around a tree to welcome their guys home from war.

Make your home welcoming with a yellow front door. There is no way your visitors will unintentionally drive past your house!

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

Despite all of its advantages, the pros at Color Matters inform us that yellow is the most fatiguing of colors. More light is represented with this bright shade, too stimulating the eyes. Try using bright yellow in tiny amounts, especially in job places.

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color in milder colors. In this office it works superbly as an accent to turquoise.

Crisp Architects

Artist and University of Alberta, Canada, professor Harry Wohlfarth conducted study in the 1980s that showed that blood pressure, pulse and respiration rates increased the most under yellow light.

If you like those bright lemon yellows, then maybe book them for a powder room, where you are not likely to devote enough time in order for it to become an issue.

While older wives’ tales claim that babies cry more in a yellow room and partners will argue more in a yellow kitchen, but they’ve yet to be scientifically proven. I say if you want it, go with it — but perhaps exercise caution and steer clear of those vivid lemon yellows.

Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Vincent van Gogh was a particular admirer of yellow. In 1888 he wrote to his sister in the South of France: “Now we are having lovely hot, windless weather that’s quite beneficial to me personally. The sun, a light which for lack of a better word I can only call yellow, bright sulfur yellow, pale lemon gold. How beautiful yellow is!”

Certainly the sun makes us feel better. There’s nothing like a warm yellow for producing a Mediterranean aesthetic with terra-cotta tiles and warm woods, as shown here.

See how to work with bright yellow

Inform us Is yellow your friend or foe, and how have you used it? Inform us from your Comments!

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Select a Perfect Color Palette

When it comes to colour, it’s easy to consider a tiny too away from the box, simply because there are several color options to fall in love with today. A cohesive whole-house Colour may easily go astray, for example, when you use a paint colour in a lone room that doesn’t mesh with the rest of the home.

Interior designer Charmean Niethart makes an important distinction:”There are colors that people like and colors that people wish to live with — there is a major difference between both.” She says it is important for customers to find colors and also to decide on their colour palette prior to the sourcing begins. “A palette is more than just about a can of paint. It is lighting, rugs, fabrics, tile, accessories and artwork — a home made colour,” she states.

Niethart and other professionals are turning to programs and websites dedicated to colour, but none are as gorgeous to check at and as easy to use as Leslie Shewring’s A Creative Mint and Jessica Colaluca’s Design Seeds.

A Creative Mint

Shewring’s articles about colour on A Creative Mint are inspired by many different sources: a vase of hyacinths and ranunculus, chart paper and, in this film, a beautiful vignette made by vintage ribbons.

Fitzgerald Studio

This living area and the one below fall inside Shewring’s vintage ribbon palette and, with the exception of a couple accents (green and yellow ), demonstrate how colour palettes influence everything: paint colour, accessories, décor details.

Brenda Olde

A Creative Mint

Shewring’s neutrals and reds scrapbook colour…

Lucid Interior Design Inc..

… can be seen in this dining area and the entryway beneath, a symbiotic union between dull nude colours and red accents.

Giulietti Schouten Architects

design-seeds. com

Niethart frequently sends customers to Colaluca’s Design Seeds for much-needed color treatment. “Design Seeds is a fantastic and easy notion for colour artwork,” she states. Colaluca is obsessed with colour, a fire that started when she”melt[ed] crayons into little colour sculptures” as a kid. This teacup palette is just one of its own creations.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc..

This fireplace setup shows how the teacup colour palette stretches through the couch, armchairs, coffee table, area rug, lighting and art.

design-seeds. com

Design Seeds’ palettes are supposed to inspire and may be applied to projects like wedding motifs and home remodels.

Busybee Design

A bedroom in Design Seeds’ sunflower blue palette. Colaluca believes you can be”fearless in colour when you’ve got a grounded and laid-in-tone base shade.”

design-seeds. com

Using the Design Seeds site is easy. “Go to the palette you adore, mouse over the swatch you want the HEX code , and the code should appear. Then input the HEX code within this colour picker,” Colaluca writes in her website’s”What’s That Shade” tutorial.

Shirley Bovshow

Color palettes can be applied to the exterior…

Cardea Building Co..

… and interior of the home. You may search by colour or theme (“global,””holiday,””the sea,””monsters” and so on) or simply browse Design Seeds’ refined real-world palettes, like Venetian tones, sushi colours, spring antiques and popsicle tones.

Runway to Room: Spring Fashion Pops Into the Home
Get Outrageous With Wall Color
Confident Color: When to Use Cool and Warm Hues

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Summer Shade Combo: Blue and Green

Ever since I was a young preppy, I’ve loved green and blue together. The preppy look was always a combination of navy blue and Kelly green, but now designers are providing it an update. Vibrant apple and lime paired with turquoise or teal are a dynamic combination. Here are 10 ways to integrate the summery pair in your decor.

Amy Lau Design

1. Glean inspiration from sea glass. The glass pendant, headboard accents and brushstroke patterns on the pillows combine colors of apple green and heavy watery blues in this bedroom.

Munger Interiors

2. Tie in your beach towels. If you are like me, your beach towel set is most likely a mishmash of uncoordinated, threadbare specimens. Keep an eye out for end-of-summer earnings and treat your self to fresh fitting ones which you can hang with pride. (Check with local animal shelters to see if they could use your older ones.) Turquoise and lime towels can enliven a wall using beachy style.

Towels: Goal

Crisp Architects

3. Let tender blue soothe in the bedroom. Use cool blue on the partitions, then chalk it up with bright green accents.

Wall paint color: Highland Breeze, Benjamin Moore

Michael Abrams Limited

4. Construct in white area. This room uses darker greens and blues, but it remains light as a result of the well-edited usage of color.

Pillow and window cloth: Lulu DK; blankets: Pottery Barn

amanda nisbet

5. Energize a space with a accent piece. A glowing green slipper chair gives this white and navy palette a playful jolt.

Willey Design LLC

6. Start with the basics and coating on color. A neutral base of tans, creams and browns calms popsicle pastels in lime green and aqua in this living room.

Laura U, Inc..

7. Take the look outdoors. Rich jewel tones include a sumptuous texture to this Moroccan-inspired covered terrace in Texas.

Bench paint color: Oceanside SW6496, Sherwin-Williams

Rachel Reider Interiors

8. Publish a bold hue using a softer one. Bright lime green accents give this room plenty of bold color, while the blues require a longer muted backseat.

Dufner Heighes Inc

9. Go for bright stripes. Notice that in this jewel box of a toilet, they utilized one constant shade of blue and then mixed in sage, moss and acidity green stripes.

Bowley Builders

10. Mix patterns in green and blue. Solids, stripes, botanicals and even a giraffe pattern play nice together against the crisp, white backdrop of Benjamin Moore’s Decorator’s White.

Tom Stringer Design Partners

Your turn: Perhaps you have used a green and blue palette in your property? Please share your room with us in the Remarks, and any advice you’ve got about using the combination.

Fresh Color Duo: Maritime Blue and Green
Cool Color Palettes: Enviable Green and Blue Spaces

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Blue Crush: Tranquil Palettes Inspired by the Sea

In the glowing aquamarine tones of Caribbean waters into the deep indigo colours of the Pacific, coastal-inspired colors of blue are versatile, relaxing and elegant. Consider developing a luxurious, tranquil space using a pale blue shade or fashioning a sharp and cool haven by pairing bright turquoise with crisp white. If you’re afraid of going full blue, then incorporating jolts of color using accessories will infuse your house with an aquatic flair. To get a sea-inspired abode, read on–the sea blues are prepared to enchant you.

Elad Gonen

Strong blue accents and beautiful artwork join forces with the deep azure of the sky overhead to take center stage in this area –quite a feat thinking about the highly effective design element and rustic charm created by the all-white slick lines of the furniture and walls.

Philpotts Interiors

The unusual pairing of colours within this living area is a touch of genius. Pale turquoise colors pop when placed within an earthy environment. The artistic faux finish resembles the crystalline waters of an untrampled Caribbean shore; the exact same blue is replicated in the cushy sofa and chairs. The rustic columns flanking the entrance add to the pure feel. All in all.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

This bedroom is a study in how to use different intensities of the same color. Sky-blue stripes on the mattress give this ocean-view space a nautical touch. Royal blue paint on the walls is strategically extended to the borders of the ceiling, putting off the super pale blue it surrounds and adding dimension to the room. Bright white throughout ties it all together. Every single time you use color, add a lighter shade of the color too to balance out the color scheme.

If you aren’t fond of working with a great deal of color, a very simple but bold statement can be reached by adding only one brightly colored accessory. Here, the luscious small seat functions as a focal point, adding interest without compromising the natural and relaxing feel of the rest of the room.

Gentle blues are heated by natural light within this irie bathroom. Pale blue hues can create quite relaxing moods, especially when white functions as an anchor.

Sylvia Martin

A bold bit of blue-hued art is used as a focus in this area. The turquoise panels are reminiscent of sea waters and deliver a spirited twist to what would otherwise be a somewhat somber and serious vignette.

Divine Design+Build

The gorgeous shade of brown on the cabinets serves as the perfect foil for your aquamarine counter tops. Other colors of blue can also be used throughout the kitchen, in the backsplash, the pottery and even the cups. The color scheme jumps from bright blues to snappy oranges, giving the room a fun and flexible style.

Applegate Tran Interiors

An oversize art bit sets the tone for this particular room, leading to an area that’s modern, artistic and tasteful. Indigo, brown and white mix together perfectly , with every color perfectly balanced in relation to the others. Just a tiny dose of blue is enough to add a sea appeal.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Tranquil and exotic, this place gets its cool from the deep, ocean-inspired blues of their cushions and the firebowl. The classic table and the pure finish of the wooden gazebo exude warmth and elegance.

Anna Lattimore Interior Design

This diverse version of a sea-inspired motif has a lively vibe, thanks to the rich, dark shade of turquoise on the wall that serves as a backdrop. Considering how many colors, prints and designs are utilized, as well as the amount of exotic pieces, it is impressive to see how coherent–and dazzling–that place seems.

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The Situation for Striped Walls

Not many patterns are as varied as the stripe. Thick, thin, vertical, flat…stripes can suppose a variety of incarnations. They are able to be whimsical, refined, juvenile or adult. They may be bold or delicate. They are able to be just a backdrop or they are able to be “the” declaration in an area. And including stripes to your wall is as simple as weilding a paint brush. No question striped partitions are really so popular

Check out these wonderful rooms for a few linear inspiration.

Shoshana Gosselin

Develop a wall by painting a design of stripes in various widths utilizing the colour palette of the area.

The Lettered Cottage

Subtle shade variations found in these horizontal banding envelop a tiny room in a cosy cocoon.

The Ratty Nest

One broad flat stripe can make the chimera of breadth in a space that is narrow.

Chambers + Chambers Architects

Bring focus on the peak of a two-story by picture it with vertical banding stairwell.

Cara Woodhouse Interiors LLC

Contrasting stripes that are fearless are ideal for a nursery.

Stonebreaker Contractors & Re-Modelers

The high-contrast pairing of white and black stripes generates dynamic visible curiosity in a ladies’ room.

Chris Kauffman

Big flat stripes and subtle shade versions add a dining area and silent interest.

The Yellow Cape Cod

One group of striping in changing widths and two tones creates electricity in a kid space.

Amy Lau Style

To develop a modern feel, use bold colours in a non-repeating pattern.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

Stripes that are whimsical produce an atmosphere of pleasure. All these are perfect to work with in a house theatre, a game area or a living room.

Martin Perri Interiors, Inc.

To get an experience that is personalized, try making stripes utilizing the exact same colour paint in 2 changing sheens including matte and shine. The stripes are most apparent when hit producing feel and delicate motion.

1 2 1 S-T U D i O . C OM

Thick flat stripes broken up by slender contrasting stripes offers the semblance of height as the eye goes upward from one slim stripe to another to a wall.

Next: Search more house layout pictures.