Buy With a Quitclaim Deed?

Deeds are the documents used to transfer property from one party to another. A deed provides the legal description of the house, names the grantor—the one giving or selling the property—and grantee, and says the aim to transfer ownership. Two common kinds are the warranty deed and the quitclaim deed. Having a quitclaim deed a individual gives up any claim to some (usually jointly owned) property.

Warranty vs. Quitclaim Deed

When a grantor transfers property with a warranty deed, according to the Bankrate website, it is a valid announcement that he’s the rightful owner, that there aren’t any equal claims to the house and that the grantor could sell or give away it as he chooses. No such warranties are made by A quitclaim deed; it does ensure that the grantor has some ownership stake in the house in any way.

Clouded Title

1 scenario in which it could possibly be a fantastic idea to utilize a quitclaim deed is the point where the ownership of the house is not completely apparent, the Nolo legal website says. If there’s a former owner who may still have some claim on the house, that claim could be eliminated using a quitclaim deed without anybody’s having to go to the trouble of figuring out precisely what claim the former owner may have.

Life Estates

You may choose to buy with a quitclaim deed once the grantor would like to retain a”property” in the property–the best way to keep on staying there as long as she chooses–based on the Law Assistance website. For instance, a homeowner could move his home to one of his kids using a quitclaim deed, even while continuing to live there under a property. Without forcing him to maneuver during his lifetime that would keep the house out of aide.


Divorce is another reason to buy or give property using a quitclaim Nolo says. By registering a quitclaim deed, a spouse gives up any claim on jointly owned property, without needing to do the legal work to determine how much of a claim, if any, he has.


Folks find a use for quitclaim deeds the grantee is one of the heirs and when a home owner dies. A quitclaim deed is a means of making the move.

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