Guest Groups: 20 Eco-Friendly Playhouses

Kids love with a place of their own to explore, imagine and play. These playhouses are a great way to let their creativity run wild, while being gentle on the environment. Whether they’re made from sustainable wood, recyclable cardboard or fabric, they’re fantastic toys for kids which can be passed to the next generation or easily recycled. — Maddie from Li’l Magoolie


The Paperpod – GBP 38.95

Imagine living on the moon in your own bio-dome! Kids will enjoy exploring this uniquely shaped playhouse.

Small Play Spaces

Kids French Cafe – $79

Stop in at a charming little French cafe whilst walking your pet poodle, Fifi. Tres chic, darling!

This Little Piggy’s House

Small Playhouse I

Complete with chimney, this little house requires no glue or tape to build. It needs just pure creativity.


The First PHOYO – $695

Designed by an architect from New Zealand using sustainably grown veneers, PHOYO (Playhouse Of Your Own) is a slot-together playhouse. It is fast to prepare and easy to dismantle and keep away.


Farm Stand Card Table Playhouse by Miss Pretty Pretty – $245

Designed to fit over a standard card table, this fabric playhouse could be folded up and stored away after a challenging afternoon of selling vegetables to the locals.


The Den – GBP 34.95

You’re able to play peekaboo during the adorable cutout peepholes at The Den.


Funny Paper Cubby House – AUD 109.95

With its curved roof which slots neatly to the cardboard framework, this cozy playhouse makes you want to snuggle up indoors and read a book.


Magis – Metoo Kids Villa Julia – $274

This mid-century is the perfect crash pad for your kids.


Villa Carton Cardboard Playhouse Castle – $73.51

It is stated that one’s (drama )house is one’s castle, and this is no exception. Decorative details are published inside, which means that your kid can envision greeting their royal topics in their throne room.


Casa Cabana – EUR 29.90

Kidsonroof retains their playhouse contemporary and trendy by means of curved windows and trendy graphics. It is great for the contemporary interior.


Discovery Kids Cardboard Playhouse – $49.99

The Discovery Kids Cardboard Playhouse has ornamental touches added to the outside just waiting for your kids to make their own.


Cardboard Play House – GBP 29.95

This adorable cardboard playhouse could be recycled after a youth of playing house.

Chasing Fireflies

Cardboard Playhouse – $68

Rather than painting or coloring with markers, this playhouse comes complete with reusable decals so that you can decorate it and change it about as much as you would like.


Kid-Eco Cardboard Playhouse, Pink – GBP 36.99

Think pink with this particular ├╝ber adorable playhouse. Little girls and boys will love to knock that adorable door!

Coloured Cardboard Playhouses – GBP 37.50

These smart boxes can be whatever your child dreams up. Each box has a booklet of ideas for what to flip the box as well as letter and number decals, sheets of pictures to cut and sheets of coloured paper. Sticky-back Velcro strips to attach the pictures mean the box can change as often as the child’s mood.

Modern Kids Toys & Games – $52.50

When researching in the arctic, it is always nice to come home to your warm and cozy igloo.

Modern Playhouse

Circle Playhouse – $1,299

Set up shop in the Circle Playhouse. Produced from sustainable wood, it takes its inspiration from Scandinavian fishing cottages.


Dexton Fengi Princess Cloth Playhouse – $270

Complete with ruffled curtain entry and candy-striped roof, this pink fabric playhouse looks good enough to eat.

Eclectic Garden Playhouses – GBP 50

Blast into space for this rocket-themed cardboard playhouse!

Modern Playhouse

Puzzle Playhouse – $650

The Puzzle Playhouse would look stylish in any home. With big window and door openings, it invites kids to explore and play in and about it.

Pea Green Matters

Cardboard Play House – GBP 30.65

All homes should have rounded windows. This playhouse clearly understands this important philosophy. Paint and decorate this playhouse, and recycle it if it’s been thoroughly enjoyed.

My Favorite Playhouse

My Favorite Playhouse – $38

To mepersonally, this pre-printed cardboard playhouse looks like a coloring book come to life. I only need to get my mark and color it in!


Mermaid Manor Card Table Playhouse by Miss Pretty Pretty – $230

Who says a playhouse can’t be an underwater retreat? I’d like to be under the sea in this little fabric version that fits closely over a standard card table. It is so easy to fold and store when not in use.

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