How to Maintain a Wood Fence

A wood fence comes with many great benefits. It is far more affordable compared to most traditional fencing options, easy to install, durable, and above all very beautiful. In addition to this, it’s also very easy to customize wood . However, the biggest challenge comes with maintenance. In order to ensure your wood fence remains strong and beautiful, you will need to do a few maintenance tasks once in a while. Whether it’s cleaning, sealing, or staining, your wood fence will not survive for long without proper maintenance.

The following are some of the easiest options you can explore when it comes to wood fence maintenance:


There’s no easier way to maintain a fence than cleaning. If your wood fencing is clean then it becomes very easy to do other important maintenance tasks as well. You should start by carefully cleaning every inch of the fencing.  There are a number of manufacturer recommended wood cleaners that are used for this. They offer better results compared to basic cleaning solutions, and you should make sure you use them according to the directions given. In case you are pressure washing the wood, there are other tips you will need to know in order to avoid any possible damage. Cleaning the wood using a pressure cleaner is often easier and more effective but even then, there are risks involved.

To avoid these risks, you should keep the tips below in mind:

Don’t exceed 2700 PSI when picking a pressure washer for the wooden fencing Chandler. Any more pressure than this will surely damage the wood.

Choose a wide angle. At least 40 degrees will do.

Don’t get too close to the washer. The pressure is already high and bringing the washer closer adds to the force of impact that the wood has to deal with. Ideally, keep the pressure at least 12 inches from the wood.

Move the wand constantly as you clean. Don’t focus on one area for long.

Staining and Sealing

Once the fence is clean, it’s time to seal and stain it. Sealing is in fact very important because it protects the wood from the harsh weather conditions. Hail storms, rain, and too much sunlight can easily damage wood and reduce its longevity. However, staining or sealing gives it a fighting chance. When choosing the type of stain to go for, we highly recommend oil stains. Oil stains are readily available and are often more effective. In addition to this, once you have applied the stain you won’t need to this again until after a few months later.

Pay Attention to Loose Posts

The posts on the wooden fencing are an important part of the overall structure. They hold the entire fence together and if they are loose, then they become very problematic for the entire fence. As part of your routine maintenance, make sure the posts are perfectly positioned into the ground.

Having wooden fences has great benefits. Wood offers a beautiful, durable, and more affordable option when it comes to . The simple maintenance tips above will come handy for any homeowner.