Which Material Will Seeds Grow Better in?

The best growing medium for germinating seeds provides the oxygen, encourage, nutrients and water required for seedlings to thrive after they’ve germinated. The individual materials in your potting mix as well as their levels strongly influence the growth of your seed. The best growing medium uses a blend of coarse materials, organic matter and soil additives in equal measures to present the right growing conditions. Understanding the benefits each material supplies allows you to build a growing medium that your seeds may thrive in.


Adding coarse materials to your growing medium increases the pore space between the particles in your soil. This enables water to penetrate the soil and drain off from it faster. Adding fine gravel, coarse sand or perlite to your soil mix helps prevent the soil from getting saturated with water and decreases the formation of harmful fungi in the soil that can cause the seeds to rot.

Organic Material

Incorporating organic material in your potting mix improves the structure of the soil and supplies nutrients that your seeds will utilize as soon as they germinate. Peat moss or completely composted material broken to a fine loamy dirt are great sources of natural material for potting mix. Incorporating soil in the yard may also provide a valuable source of natural stuff.

Soil Planning

The best growing stuff for seeds supplies the conditions your plants need to develop. Acid-loving plants may benefit from the addition of sulfur, which reduces the pH of their soil. You can also utilize soil additives, like vermiculite, to enhance the capability of your soil to store nutrients and water. Potting mixes that have untreated organic stuff can harbor microorganisms that could harm your plants. Sterilizing your growing medium with a heat treatment ensures that your growing medium isn’t harboring anything harmful to your seeds. Spread the expanding medium to a tray and heat it in your oven to 145 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes to dominate most microorganisms.

Seed Germination

Several types of low fertility materials provide an effective way of germinating seeds. Seeds germinated in such materials need immediate fertilization or removal to a more conventional potting mixture after they’ve germinated. Finely textured vermiculite holds water efficiently and supplies a loose texture that allows small seeds to germinate readily. Mixtures of peat moss and vermiculite or perlite additionally provide an effective medium for germinating seeds. Applying a thin layer of these materials above a layer of fertile soil provides a seed bed that offers quick and efficient germination with a fertile growing medium for the origins of the plants that are emerging.

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