What Are the Benefits of a Free-Standing Kitchen Cabinet?

Flexibility is an integral reason behind picking free-standing kitchen cabinetry; free-standing closets afford you the option of repositioning a major component of your kitchen decor. Another benefit is color. Free-standing cabinet doors are big, and when doors are left ajar, shelving painted or papered in an accent color increases the kitchen color scheme. In smaller kitchens, free-standing cabinetry frees space for extra bits, like a kitchen aisle, plus it functions as a room divider in homes with open floor plans. And free-standing cabinetry comes in unanticipated drawer formats, like cabinetry with horizontal drawers.


With free-standing cabinetry, a kitchen can find a brand new look just by **rearrangement**, that can be an affordable kitchen cleaner alternative. Portable cabinets are easily moved to an optimum location, and when painted in a bright color, they become focal points. Rather than designing around existing cabinet shapes, with free-standing bottom cupboards, less emphasis is placed on matching bottom cabinets to leading cabinets. So choose bottom, free-standing cupboards in a bright color, or preferably, match the bottom and sides of open shelf cupboards with shirts painted in another color.

Opens Space

Free-standing cupboards allow you to **maximize space in tiny kitchens**, widening the room in strategic areas to give space for a kitchen aisle, a table or extra seating. If cabinetry crowds a kitchen aisle, freestanding cabinets shift to open up the region. And in homes with open floor plans, the **backside of tall, free-standing cabinet functions as a demarcation or a room divider**, allowing you to enlarge the size of your kitchen or a adjoining room with minimal cost and effort.

Accent Color

Freestanding cupboards allow you to **add and subtract vivid accent color** using the swing of a door. Traditional cabinetry features hinged, closed doors, but the doors of free-standing cabinets are usually left ajar, supplying the advantage of enlivening accent color when shelves are painted in a bright color. When the outer cabinet is painted in a neutral color, the bright shelving stands out. This strategy is doubly effective for open-shelf cabinets, bottom cabinets with open closets or glass-front cabinets.

Atypical Format

Freestanding bottom cabinets often have **long, horizontal drawers**, unlike vertical closets with traditional, hinged doors. Bottom, free-standing closets with chrome grips have a modern, streamlined and utilitarian look that coordinates in ultra or industrial-style kitchens. Paired with open top shelves at another color, free-standing bottom cabinets appear more casual than wall-to-floor cabinetry at exactly the exact same wood tone or colour. And unity is created when the counters of bottom cupboards match open top shelves.

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