How to Choose Cabinets With Hickory Floors

Hickory flooring matched with hickory cabinets are too busy in the kitchen due to all of the colors and grains in the hickory wood. To get a more appealing look, create contrast against the hickory floor by choosing painted cabinets in lighter or darker colors than the floor. Jewel-tone colors, ruby red, sapphire blue or even the golden glow of a few yellows provide you with a wonderful complement to hickory flooring. To get a cohesive look, pull one of those colors in the hickory flooring to use as the cabinet shade.

The Light Side

You can opt for the crispness of Cherry cupboards that create a solid contrast against darker hickory flooring. However, when a bright white looks too much, choose whites with tan or beige undertones to tone down the brightness. Look for hues of white such as ivory, stone, French grey, off-white or bisque to your cabinet choices. You can also choose warm neutrals to pair with the warm neutrals in the flooring, such as tan, cream, buff or even Bavarian cream.

The Dark Side

Study your flooring or take pictures of it to examine its colors and to refer to when picking out cabinets. Hickory flooring comes in an assortment of appearances, which might consist of light-colored woods mixed with dark, different shades of brown or light-to-dark browns, and dark black specks, based on the floor. Consequently, closets in dark grey, black or even dark brown work well against most types of hickory flooring.

Bold, Standout Color

While matching the cabinets to the floor could be a tempting strategy, using too much of the identical wood overpowers the room. With its multiple variegations which have colors of an almost-white blond to very dark brown, grainy patterns, hickory adds heat to the floors or into the cabinets. But on both, it is just too much. Instead, when you have hickory flooring, then cover cabinets using a bold and vibrant color, such as ruby red or dark cherry which whets the appetite without overwhelming the senses.

Cool Colors

Gentle grays, tans and beiges all retreat when employed on closets in a room using hickory flooring. While warm colors appear to move toward the eye, trendy colors do the contrary by retreating into the background. Gentle white-tinted greens and blues recede into the background to allow the room’s design features or floor stick out. Aqua, teal, blue-tinged gray and gray-tinged teal all make fantastic color choices for cabinets paired with hickory flooring.

Unifying Countertops

The kind of countertops and the colors inside them can help unify the cabinets and floors on your own decor scheme. A kitchen island and countertops in a nearly white marble veined with silver and gray can help function as the joining point between hickory flooring and light grey or even stainless steel cabinets in a modern kitchen.

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