Do-it-yourself Country Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Warm and inviting, cozy and comfy is a new one, in addition to a design that can fit in a residence that is older. A state kitchen will attract buyers and highlight architectural details within your house, increasing its resale value.

Install a Pot Rack

Country flair is not just added by A staple at a country kitchen, a hanging pot rack, but increases storage space. Orient ceiling lights so they will illuminate the counter under and not be blocked by the rack, when including a pot rack in the kitchen design. A pot rack is best positioned over a work surface, preventing any hazard.

Add Beams into the Ceiling

Ceiling beams deliver the expression of state farm home or a log cabin and detailing. Solid wood beams are heavy and expensive. Get the appearance of one strong piece for a portion of the costs by nailing two-by-fours into the ceiling, placing one every 2 feet. Create u-shaped station or a three-sided box by attaching bits of 1-by-6 oak or pine. Before aligning the bits together cut the walnut or walnut to the length of your ceiling. Paint or stain the u-channel and allow to dry. Affix the station into the two-by-fours on the ceiling . Fill from the holes with wood filler.

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Brighten up the kitchen with cream or white . After painting, for much more rustic personality, use a glaze or crackle medium to the surface that will allow the underlying wood color to show through. This rustic appearance is achievable by sanding the wood that is pure to be exposed by the cabinets. Use iron hooks and pulls instead of nickel end ones which are going to be a contemporary accent. Cabinet detailing with crown molding — the ornate, the more personality.

Glass Front Cabinets

Show off decorative nation accents, dishes and glassware by changing some of the top cabinet doors to glass doors. An appearance would be cabinet doors with tin or wire inserts. Illuminate your paintings by installing lights on the interior of the cabinets.

Country Modes

No nation kitchen is complete without a rooster strategically on the floor or positioned on a counter. Country accessories consist of an apron hanging by the door , live plants from pots, as well as window treatments. Add feel and color by placing a bowl of radishes or fruit on the counter . Hang a country panoramic painting on an empty wall.

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