The best way to Prune a Mature World Willow Tree

The drought-tolerant mature world willow tree (Salix matsudana) will preserve its distinctive world form with effective pruning. When the globe shape was achieved, the willow will offer a stylish year round addition to your own landscape. All willow trees ought to be planted in locations that will accommodate their expanding root-system, which may clog sewage and plumbing lines if planted close to structures. The fast growing tree is adaptable to a broad array of soil problems and can attain of a peak of 50-feet.

Watch the progress of the world willow through the late-winter. When new growth starts begin pruning.

Mix denatured alcohol with 1 cup of water in a bucket. Dip a cloth and wring the fabric out. Wipe a pair of loppers as well as the blades of a hand-saw using the fabric to remove any illness that may be taken from plant to plant.

Cut off all lifeless branches of the world that is mature loppers or willow tree together with the hand-saw. Cut off any branches that have no leaf development.

Determine the branch of the world willow. Cut off any extra aspect branches connected to the branch using loppers or a saw. Cut off.

Cut a 4 inch area in the tips of every healthy branch to promote new development as well as a total look to the world tree.

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