An SIP, or structural insulated panel, includes a foam center contrasts involving wood, concrete or metal panels, creating a solid, strong, and airtight sheet which is used for floors, foundations, walls and roofs. SIPs are all-purpose substances which may be used instead of framing with wood studs and insulation.

Sett Studio

Typically SIPs are made out of a polyurethane foam core between sheets of oriented strand board (OSB), but they may be made with concrete or metal also. SIPs are used for walls, ceilings, and floors.

This kitchen island has been made with SIPs; they are decorative in addition to structural.

Vanessa De Vargas

The walls of this living room were created using SIPs and translucent polycarbonate glazing. SIPs are structural, like a wood stud. The foam center stands in to the insulation, and heating and cooling costs can be reduced because of its airtight nature. The fewer the pits, the greater, as the only regions with SIPs which aren’t completely airtight are where the panels meet.

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