Reinvent It: 9 Methods to Resurrect Church Pews

At Anderson High School in Cincinnati, Ohio,”The Senior Lobby” was right near the primary entry, and only seniors could utilize it.

The distance was the hub of my college’s universe. It consisted of three rejected church pews in the Methodist church across the street and also a politically incorrect cigar-store Indian to represent our politically incorrect mascot (it was the’80s, and also the term”politically correct” didn’t yet exist). Those older pews were a hot place, and we frosh couldn’t wait to become old enough to fulfill there before college and hang for 30 seconds in between classes on them.

Nowadays all you ers seem as enthused about church pews as a lot of Anderson High School 12th graders on the first day of college. You have stripped themrefinished themrepurposed them and even added cushions and cushions to them. (Anybody who has spent more than an hour listening to a sermon understands a pillow is a fantastic idea.)

Here is a glance at how educated homeowners are repurposing pews in the home.

Urban Rustic Living

1. At a entry hall. One advantage of a pew’s proportions is it is not very deep, so it could slide right in a entrance or hallway without jutting out and slowing blood flow.

Cornerstone Architects

One other excellent advantage of a pew’s proportions is length. Meant to seat up to eight individuals, a lengthy pew can resist a very long expanse of hallway within an entryway. It is a fantastic place for stopping and putting on boots, dropping an attaché case or backpack, and transitioning in the outside world to house or vice versa.

Cornerstone Architects

Here is the same entryway pew as previously viewed from the other area; it produces a strong horizontal line across the gallery-like space. The older wood and peeling paint make for a wonderful contrast to the sharp finishes.


A very long pew within an entrance or a mudroom allows all of the children to sit down and pull rain boots at once. The handsome wood pew and its curved armrest give this Chicago entryway a vintage-eclectic vibe.

Kim Wilson made this classic English pew the focal point of her entryway. Give personality to it and to upgrade it, she painted it black, distressed it added the pillow.

Keiffer Phillips – Patricia Brown, Builders Inc..

2. In a more comfortable mudroom. Wooden pews also work well in a more casual back or side entryway, as long as you have the period to accommodate one. Here the depth of the pew lets it slip into this space.

Witt Construction

3. In the potting shed. Because often you are able to pick up these beauties for free, you probably won’t mind if they show a little wear and tear from helping out with the gardening. The long seats provide a lot of space for storage.

Madison Modern Home

4. In an outdoor area. While a wooden bench will not resist the components indefinitely, it will weather beautifully for several years, obtaining a worn, rustic finish that works very well with grain cloth cushions.

5. In the skillet. This former pew is presently a fashionable banquette complete with cushions.

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Lindsay von Hagel

6. In the living area. While a pew is certainly not where you wish to slim down, put your feet up and watch the Superbowl for four hours, it can serve as an intriguing accent piece and additional seating for those who wish to work on their posture.

Coggan + Crawford Architecture + Design

7. In the bedroom. It might look a bit odd at first to include church furniture vibes for your own bedroom. Within this area, however, the easy painted-white pew fits in as a contemporary headboard that provides space for a glass of water, reading glasses, books and even a reading lamp.

8. At a loft. A pew’s large scale is a fitting match for a loft’s expansive proportions.

9. In the bar. This smart couple established an whole basement bar bar having repurposed Gothic pews.

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