Plant Containers Head Into Quirky Territory

Decorating that drops on the side of style is definitely my pace. I currently have a little love affair with quirky sculptural vessels. You may discover many variations of head planters, and all types of fun creature – and – automobile-shaped vessels for flowers and plants, too. Here is a peek in the more quirky side of houseplants.

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Porcelain baby doll head planter – $55

There is something a bit creepy but completely cool about these dollface head planters. I love the option in plants, too.

My mother has always had a green thumb, so last Christmas I treated her to a special planter for her kitchen. The woman head sculpture has space up top for a couple little succulents. The green sprouts appear to be a funky headpiece.

TIP: For a chic alternative to a plastic spray bottle, try a vintage perfume bottle to spritz your crops with water. My mother regularly spritzes that the succulents in her lady head — it’s an easy way to wash the crops without over-watering their little root system.

Add a little whimsy to your backyard garden with a pair of head planters that are mounted. Succulents, cacti and air plants are great options for thanks for their headdress-like shapes and very low water needs.

Lady head planter – $95

Here’s a traditional example of the woman head sculpture. It’s fun to select plants which spill over the edges, mimicking the look of hair.

In my home office, I’ve a scupltural clay head planter (I call Mr. Brain), that I graduated from the local shop Graceful Gardens. I love how the implanted cactus interior looks so much like a brain.

Floral Art

Head vases – $300

Jonathan Adler knows how to perform fun. These female and male white ceramic head vases would look amazing with a vivid mixture of blossoms from the market or a couple green succulents.

Paige Russell

Camper vase – $65

I would love to present this camper vessel to a couple old college friends to remember our glory days of roadtripping together.

TIP: To maintain fresh cut flowers looking living longer, alter the boat’s water on a daily basis and cut the stems on an angle.


Air plant in giraffe planter – $15

How cute do this giraffe planter be in a child’s room? This plastic toy giraffe has the perfect place to cultivate an air plant or mini succulent.


Upcycled blue elephant toy planter – $14.95

While this elephant would be right at home in your own kiddo’s room, I know a few grownups who would love this funky planter, too.


Bird vases – $48

Modern meets whimsical when blossoms pop out of these penguins’ heads.

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