Making Points Obvious: Decoration with Transparency

I am a minimalist in mind (even though I Have got lots of things), therefore I can not assist but enjoy the elegance of glass. It is workable and large, but just-there aesthetically. Glass items and windows that are critical work in many different sorts of interiors, from the conventional to the uber-contemporary. And it usually seems not bad.

Therefore use the Windex, since that is what is inspiring me this week:

Mark English Architects, AIA

This orange island is such a powerful assertion that it simply begs for stools which are actually large…or hardly-there. This strategy is loved by me.

The Philip Glass Home in Ct continues to be featured throughout the location, including in amp, Foods &; Wine, when a social gathering threw in the space that was impressive. Glass partitions on all sides make the home and its environment in the most contemporary manner mix.

Klopf Architecture

Glass is a normal fit for the bath, where steam can change from undetectable to smoky.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Inside Designers

Glass is taken by this ring-shaped shower -in-the-bathroom one additional, creating a statement that is seriously arty.

Kanner Architects – SHUT

I really like the way this dining table harks back to the windows – reflections and all angles. The result is super slick, but warm, thanks to plenty of sun light light.

I really like the way these Louis Ghost chairs perform in an area that combines much more conventional and modern components.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

All-glass chandeliers really are a great solution to incorporate sparkle to your conventional, but enjoyable dining space…

Kerrie L. Kelly

And also an excellent solution to play a fantastic colour, in this way chartreuse off.

Do not protect it up in case you have got the see. I really like this use of glass as a deck rail.

Tomar Lampert Associates

There is a lot happening in this chamber, creating a glass dining table that is clear the selection that is best, unobtrusive.