Making a Curved Encounter Drawer

Modern-day custom drawers or some classic are made with curved fronts. The drawers fit flush to the very front of the chest of drawers using the front edge that is same. It is not magic to arch wood. It is pasted that way up around a shape. For those who really have an antique with drawers that are lost, or some curved-front chest of drawers with harm, it is possible to make drawer fronts for them by utilizing among the present drawer fronts to get a product.

Set an existing drawer front on a part of 3/4-plyboard that measures 12-by-1 2-inches. Outline the outline of the curve on the plywood. Draw the curve out free-hand should you not have an existing drawer front or use a compass.

Cut on the curve on the plywood by means of a jigsaw. On the end of the plywood the curve, reduce one 3/4-by-3/4-inch notch 2″ from each Therefore the jaw of the clamp have a steady, safe point from which to clamp all these are. The jaw of the clamp will match the notch. They do not have to be best.

Set one4 1/2-by-1 2 1/2-inch piece of 1/8-inch hard-wood level on a work table. Utilizing a tiny brush, spread adhesive onto it to protect the area. Put another piece of hard-wood on the top. Mash them together along with your fingers till they bond somewhat.

So that it overhangs the edge of the dining table by at least 1-inch slide over the hard-wood. Set the curved point-of the 3/4-inch plywood in the precise middle of the hard-wood, standing on with the grain of the hard-wood.

Open the jaw of a hand clamp. Put one jaw on the very front of the hard-wood over-hanging the dining table. Put in the notch which you cut in the plywood, another jaw. Tighten the clamp to bend the hard-wood to adapt to the curve. Spin the hard-wood around 180-degrees and clamp another side the exact same manner. One hour for the adhesive to dry.

Take away. Brush still another layer of paste onto the following little bit of hardwood. Set it on the very top of both pieces which might be already arch. Utilizing precisely the same process, bend it tight across both bits that are other utilizing the plywood type and clamps the exact same manner. Wait one hour for the adhesive to dry. Continue on in this way until all eight bits are pasted together to to make a drawer entrance.

Cut on a jig saw, or the drawer entrance to exacting measurements on a tablesaw. Sand it with 100-grit sand-paper until sleek on a hand-block. Use lacquer and stain wanted.

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