Ice Maker Water Pressure Regulator

An in-line Water pressure regulator can protect your fridge’s automatic ice maker against damage brought on by excessive water pressure. These pressure-limiting devices are usually installed in the water line between your refrigerator and the spigot supplying water into your fridge. Some makers offer whole-house pressure regulators a plumber can put in between the incoming water supply line and house plumbing.

Incoming Pressure

Refrigerator manufacturers typically suggest an incoming water pressure for ice makers of 40 to 60 pounds per square inch, but a few makers permit incoming clogs up to 120 psi. In-line pressure regulators have been intended to reduce household water pressures that are above recommended maximums down to recommended limits. The pressure regulators utilize fittings to connect to plastic or copper supply tubing. Precise setup instructions vary among manufacturers, but a few units can be installed by the homeowner.

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