How Do I Place a Rental Property on MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service is a digital database where property agents and agents pay a commission to access and share information about properties they are selling and leasing. MLS networks exist at over 800 housing markets across the U.S. Agents representing customers who are searching for rental properties typically consult the MLS first. The renter’s broker shares a commission with the listing broker when they connect a tenant with a property in the MLS. Participating brokers often publish MLS information online for the general people.

Find a real estate agent or broker. You must be represented in some capacity by a real estate agent or broker to list your house on the MLS.

Negotiate the terms of your service agreement, which contains the quantity of the commission you will pay the broker when he elevates your house, the length of time you are obligated to use his solutions, just how long your belongings will be listed on the MLS and some extra services.

Sign the rental listing agreement with the real estate agent or broker.

Collect items and information to supply to the property agent or broker to complete your MLS listing. Take digital photos of the interior and exterior of your property. Look at your property purchase documents to locate the entire year the building was constructed along with the total square footage. Also tell the agent about the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms; parking area or garage info; utilities the tenant is liable for; any necessary deposit or penalties; and relevant info about amenities such as a lawn, laundry facilities, storage, gym, party room or barbecue area.

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