Guest Picks: The Perfect Bath Experience

I like Bathrooms. They make me feel like a romantic woman from romantic woman times. Plus, afterwards I feel clean and smell like things a woman should smell like, like elaborate roses and pure amazing — not grime and dried hummus. And with the temperatures dropping, baths aren’t only a luxury but a requirement! Here’s my take on a fancy woman’s bath time. (**warning!) I might say “lavish” 70hundred times too many)
— Jenny from My Favorite and My Best


Reclaimed Wood Tub Caddy by Peg and Awl – $155

1 time I got so angry at a tub caddy I gave it a black eye. ALL THOSE SLATS AND HOLES!

This is perfect and simple. Totally utilitarian, but that is what I want in a tub caddy: someone who won’t betray me by dropping my book and cupcake into the water.

Vintage Tub & Bath

72-Inch Classic Clawfoot Tub by Randolph Morris

Evidently, it’s all about the tub. I prefer the clawfoot. It transports me into a simpler time — a time of pipe smoke and heavily scented bubbles.
I actually have one and can vouch for his or her own lust.

Drummonds Bathrooms

The Spey Classic Roll Top Tub – GBP 2,825

I’m now seriously contemplating painting mine jade green. So gorgeous!


Beautiful Floor Mounted Tub Filler With Handshower

This really is the ultimate in luxury; it’s just like a necklace to your tub. How stunning would it be contrary to that green bath? GORGEOUS!!

Mission Tile West

Mediterranean 9 Tiles

One of these times I will have bespoke tiles on the flooring in my toilet. If I’m being honest, I have no idea what “bespoke” describes, but I will bet it’s fancy.
I love these tiles out of Mission West. Their website is FULL of stunning tiles.


Kinkeldey Cut Crystal Pendant Chandelier

Forget everything else. If you merely have the tub and among these: total luxury.
And yes, I’m aware it’s worth over my car. Do not care. This can be fancy woman bath time.


Vintage Kartell Componibili

Kartell’s Componibili would be the coolest, and this brown one is completely unexpected. Maintain all your bathroom time bits and bobs in it (like the US Weekly that you hide from the spouse).


Antiqued Peacock Mirror – $2,399

Who doesn’t enjoy this mirror? It’s absolutely stunning and would be perfect in the bathroom. Or hall. Or living room. Or bedroom. Or dining room.

Flower Power Healing Bath Salts – $24

This stuff rocks! It smells like angels. And it makes your bathroom very important — just like a doctor visit with no doctor bills.

1er Mai Frederic Malle Candle – $80

All baths need candles. I prefer a minumum of one scented candle. This one seems like it smells real good. Here is what they say about it:

“As close a reproduction as you can of the fragrance of a cluster of lily of the valley hidden in the shade of this underbrush. This is an ideal illustration of this brand new and vegetal transparency of the flower that’s as rosy as it is jasmine-like. The perfume was created by Dominique Ropion, among the greatest connoisseurs of how white blossoms disappear. He relied on historic formulas for lily of the valley fragrances in addition to elements of headspace (ultra modern technique that enables to catch flowers or areas scents) for this particular scent.”

RIGHT?! Plus red is the most lavish color there is.

Luxury Glassybaby – $40

For all of the rest, Glassybaby votives will provide you the great ambient lighting. They arrive in the most exquisite milky-colored glass and in every colour under the rainbow — and then some.

ABC Carpet & Home

Italian Cotton Bath Mats – $65

Every toilet needs a bathroom mat that’s soft, washable and pretty! I don’t know why anyone would place a rug in the toilet that can not be thrown into the washing machine. All these Italian cotton rugs fit the bill perfectly and they arrive in the most beautiful muted colors. So pretty.

Lallier Premier Cru Rose Champagne – GBP 25.99

Not that I have ever had champagne while taking a bath, but chat about luxury. This pink champagne is a no brainer. Just don’t drink the entire item and drown.

Barneys New York

Ichendorf Arles Champagne Flute – $52

Now that you have all the most lavish bath bits in the land, don’t go and put your champagne in a paper cup!
This square champagne flute is super chic and simple.

Villa Eulalia #3 Photo by Michael Himpel

Michael Himpel takes the most stunning photographs of neglected, far away spaces and makes them appear like the most beautiful places on earth. Quite transportive.


Well-Versed Towels – $38

These towels out of Anthropologie are super-soft Egyptian cotton and come in the trendiest colors I’ve seen yet.


Outlander by Diana Gabaldon – $17



Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Body Cr̬me Р$75

All that stuff up there’s super important, but when I don’t address my wrinkly, dried-out skin after my bathroom the entire encounter is for naught. Under-moisturized skin is like nails on a chalkboard.

This wild bluebell body creme from Jo Malone is SO thick and rich and lavish! It smells like a woman — just like a woman who resides in a country manor who doesn’t have to perform her gardening but does anyway because it’s enjoyable and makes her feel good on her inside.


Some women like to place on silk and lace after the bath. Good for them! Not me. I prefer sweats and t-shirts along with a big ol’ Target robe circa 2004. But I will class up my act a little. This huge girl onesie from Anthropologie offers the same comfort however, you could actually answer the door in it.

And lastly, look at all the fancy components together. Pretty, right?

Now go have a bath.

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