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Some individuals are so taken by means of a chair’s seat base or back or a table’s smooth surface they completely forget to look at what is supporting the entire structure. Short and slender or muscular and towering, the ideal table or chair leg can truly add that extra oomph into a space. Have a look at those gorgeous examples and collect ideas about how best to bridge function and fun at your home by selecting the most appropriate furniture leg to your area.

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Complement and contrast with wood. These Cherner pub stool legs provide just the ideal amount of curve and contrast to the angular floating cabinets and kitchen countertop surface. “The Cherner chairs mention the organic world in both form and substance. Their glistening brown color and feminine stance appeal to the eye and also juxtapose from the masculine traces of the kitchen island,” says home stager Robin DeCapua.

The curves of the tanned stool legs also echo the curves of the ceramic vases and headboard crystal. From that standpoint the stools look like three women along with their backs turned, standing side by side. “The curves and streamlined nature of the wood add a feeling of lightness into the room and match the hard lines of the modern kitchen,” says interior designer Allison Jaffe.

Echo parts of the space. In this area, the dining table’s curved leg shape speaks into the conventional paneling and decorative molding in interior designer Mikel Irastorza’s bright and lofty apartment. “Pairing the dining table with new, white contemporary chairs makes the space sing. Even though the other components in the space speak eloquent contemporary, the table does a lot of the heavy compositional lifting by yanking the space together,” states DeCapua.

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Throw in a few spins . This oenophile’s tasting package is full of lines and right angles: Just take note of the storage racks, Philippe Starck Kong Barstool thighs and sliding balcony door framework. What better way to contrast this angular and modern space than using the accession of a twisted cocktail table? Its twisted shape and weather-beaten look add an entirely new shape to the otherwise sleek suite.

Emily McCall

Take a curvy shape. This warm and airy dining area is predominantly rustic and vintage in style. But instead of adding more lines into the room by means of wooden chairs or chairs, or by pairing the dining table with upholstered seats, contemporary Panton chairs were utilized by the homeowner, adding whimsy and a touch of playfulness into the room.

DeCapua reminds us that”too many straight legs leaves a room start to resemble a picket fence.” Take heed and throw your space a curve every now and then.

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Remove visual interruptions. The use of Lucite chair and seat legs retains the visual plane in this area from being interrupted and enables the distinct white and blue pattern scales to shine.

The Clear Choice: Lucite Chairs

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In this living space, the Lucite coffee table gives the illusion of a floating java table and reveals a patterned carpet without developing a visual disturbance.

Add stability using a stylish stump. Consider surrounding a huge trunk base with chairs that provide contrast. In this contemporary dining area, the Ferruccio Laviana UFO oval dining table is encompassed by Saarinen armchairs; the skinny, tubular steel legs of the contemporary chairs lessen the heavy visual weight of the hefty table base.

Modern Icons: Saarinen’s Executive Chair

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Create an illusion. A three-legged dining table with just two legs, the Noguchi table adds a sculptural and illusory effect for this perfectly styled and polished midcentury-modern living area. At a space where all the other furniture legs are directly and predictably come in fours, the free-form sculptural base legs of the iconic, tasteful low table seem to beg everyone to not take themselves too seriously.

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