Designer's Touch: 10 Imaginative Kids' Bathrooms

Creativity is king in children’s rooms. It can be somewhat intimidating to find a style that will suit your child for a long time to come, but it is worth it to embrace playfulness while they are still young. There is no better time than now to make an inspirational area for your child. Give a renewed sense of personal personality and accelerate creativity with those inspiring professionally designed spaces.

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1. Bridging the difference. Siblings who bunk together can get a new spin on sharing with this exceptional space. The wooden canopy at the center of the area can be built with supplies out of your neighborhood big-box store and helps split each side of the space in a lively way.

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2. Lofty kid. When you’ve got high ceilings, a loft in your kid’s room is an ideal way to maintain the bedroom tidy and orderly while creating plenty of space for drama. Design a similar look yourself for the style that suits your house, but have it professionally built for security.

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3. Built-in bed. Produce an oasis to your child with an in-built built-in bed. Contain open shelving for books, also drawers and doors for clothing. Kid approved.

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4. Penthouse living. Remake your attic into a long-term space for your son or daughter. Paint the ceiling and walls a light and inviting shade, then add furniture and accessories for comfort, to get a bedroom where your child has space and privacy.

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5. Start your engines. Transform your child’s room from a dull box into a stimulating environment with ingenuity and elbow grease. A dining area is as much fun to decorate as it’s for small ones to grow in.

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6. Storage fun. Freestanding or built-in modular wood shelving units are lively and functional. They are great for providing access to toys while instructing kids to keep their room organized.

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7. Cool chalk. Go bold and paint the entire space with chalkboard paint. Kids of all ages will love it — and parents never have to worry about cleaning the walls again. As your child matures, this colour can easily work for a tasteful small space using a yummy chandelier and urban-chic furnishings.

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8. Branch out. Any space can be adorned with wall art. Get creative! This tree is painted on the walls, and the branches are actually shelves. What a simple way to create functional and cute wall art.

Lakeitha Duncan

9. Striped cupboard. Take off the cupboard doors, paint over-sized stripes inside the cupboard and add shelving for accessories. The headboard is another great touch in this room. Create your very own headboard with pallets out of your nearby big-box store for an excess kick of fashion.

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10. Inspirational headboard. A giant inspirational pin board is a simple way to let your child customize wall decoration. Plus, those are easy to create with cork and a frame. Put your new creation on the wall behind the bed and voilĂ , you have a headboard too.

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