6 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

For the past 30 years, the size of bathrooms has become larger and larger. If you own an old home, then it’s highly possible that your bathroom is smaller compared to the ones in new houses. house repairs may be one of the solutions and the right tricks can help create the perception of a roomy bathroom. In this article, we are going to list a few of these tricks.


Asian houses usually have small bathrooms but they do know how to make them look big. A good design is adopting a contemporary Asian theme from the 1980s. This means that you’d want a Japanese Kaidan Tansu, which translates to “stepped chest.” It’s a good way of adding fluidity to a small space. The use of dark colors is also good at making the corners blend with the wall which expands the perceived space.

Beach Day

One of the best ways of expanding the perceived space is by associating the bathroom to something that has a lot of open space, namely the beach. You can start by getting rid of a needless closet. Then, add ambient lighting which is great at creating an illusion of space. You can use shallow cabinets for storage purposes. To highlight a stylish design, add a “dry riverbed” made of stones right into the floor.

His and Hers

This is a good handyman services project if you want something that has elements of masculinity and femininity at the same time. The main design elements are the continuing horizontal lines, a large frameless mirror, and strategically placed lighting. All these elements are aimed at creating the illusion of a larger space. You’d also want a shower with a curbless entry to maximize the foot space.

Simple and Elegant

If the budget is a bit tight, then you can go for something that’s simple and elegant. You can use a “curved front” vanity to maximize the space available as you can incorporate 2 drawers on rolling sliders. To give a side of elegance, use cherry wood on the drawers.

Zen Escape

A Zen theme is perfect for small handyman. After all, enjoying more with as little as possible is one of the cores of the Zen philosophy. Also, having a Zen escape is easy to do. The first thing you’d want to do is to remove all the unnecessary stuff in your bathroom. Give your bathroom a bit of Japanese taste by decorating it with a Shoji screen that spans from the floor to the ceiling. A huge mirror is also a great addition. A towel rack is good for adding storage without taking up too much space.

Small Spa Retreat

This bathroom idea is great if expanding the size of the room is not really an option. For starters, you’d want several mirrored surfaces to cover the bathroom. Then, you’d also want to add white marble tiles. A glass shower wall is great at eliminating visual barriers which make the bathroom feel more cramped. For the final touches, you’d want rich wood tones as they would create balance and add warmth.