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How to Fix Kitchen Cabinets

It’s an inevitable fact that kitchen handyman services Bradenton FL can start to deteriorate after some time due to the wear and tear of constant use. Luckily, most of the issues you’ll come across with kitchen cabinets are quick, easy and inexpensive to fix.

Below are just a few examples of the common cabinet problems and how to fix them:

Worn-Out Drawer Slides

This is quite a common occurrence when it comes to kitchen drawers, especially with the ones that carry a heavy load like spices or silverware. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to apply a quick fix like a lubricant, as it won’t be effective at keeping the slides in place. Once the slides break, the only viable solution is to buy new ones that look similar to the ones that broke, and make the switch.

While you may not be able to find a wide variety of drawer slides at your local hardware store, there are numerous online sources that sell an extensive range of slides. You might want to purchase the mounting sockets that you’ll be using to attach the slides to the cabinets online as well while you’re at it.

Loose Hinges

Once the hinges on your kitchen cabinet doors come loose, you’ll start to notice that they don’t close properly anymore and the doors might even start slanting slightly as a result. The only solution to this problem is the insertion of a few simple toothpicks and some glue.

The first thing you should do is to remove the doors completely from the hinges, and then smear some glue at the ends of the toothpicks before inserting about ¼ of 3 toothpicks into the hole where the screw previously was. Once the glue has dried, you can then cut the ends of the toothpicks that are sticking out with a utility knife and drive the screw in the filled hole to safely reattach the handyman Bradenton FL.
Loose Knobs

Are the knobs on your cabinets or drawers coming loose? Not to worry, because this simple problem can be fixed in two easy steps. First, you apply a bit of thread adhesive onto the screw and secondly, secure the knob onto it. The best part about this quick fix is that you can still remove the knobs later and you can replace them when you feel like updating your kitchen handyman Bradenton.

Broken Drawers

Not all drawers are made equal. Some are put together using little brad nails or a bit of glue, and this poor construction is what causes them to come apart in the long run. It’s important to fix the drawers as soon as you start to notice them coming apart, as waiting too long might cause further irreparable damage.

To repair, start by removing the drawer and then use a utility knife to scrape away the old glue and get rid of any fasteners that might be stuck in the corners of the drawer. Afterwards, apply fresh glue on the corners, set them together and patiently tap both sides of the drawer until you’re confident that the glue has dried so that you can place the drawer neatly back in its place.

6 Common Home Inspection Missteps That Cost Buyers a Lot of Money

When you decide to buy a home, it’s very important to make sure that it’s solid and good enough for you to live in. However, you don’t need to be a structural engineer to assess the quality of the house you are about to buy. The modern practice these days involves hiring handyman services Aurora CO to check everything and report back to you on the status of the home. But hiring a home inspector is not enough. There are some things that you must avoid in order to ensure that the value of the inspection report is good.

Not Getting Multiple Recommendations

It’s very likely that your real estate agent will recommend a home inspector for you. Although most of the time the recommended inspector might be good, do not take any chances. Make sure you vet the inspector before you decide to hire him. You can also get the second opinion of a different inspector just to be sure you are not missing anything.

Failing to Attend the Inspection

Usually, many people hire a handyman Aurora service and disappear. This is not a good way of dealing with this issue. If you are going to get value from the inspection service, avail yourself during the day of inspection and ensure that the professional doing the job is thorough. Sometimes inspectors may decide to cut corners in order to save time. But if you are present, it’s highly unlikely that they will do this.

Not Asking Questions

There’s a popular saying that says if you ask a stupid question, you will be a fool once but if you don’t, you will remain a fool forever. There’s no stupid question when it comes to inspections. If there’s something you feel needs to be addressed, make sure you raise the issue with the handyman Aurora IL service provider. Always ask as many questions as possible.

Not Testing For Mold and Water Issues

The water flow in your home is very important. Before you buy any house, make sure the plumbing is in place and water supply is effective. The inspection should also check for mold in every inch of the home. There are very unique techniques that can be used in water testing and mold checking. A good inspector will know these techniques.

Assuming That New Homes Don’t Need Inspection

There’s also this assumption that just because a home is newly built, it does not need a professional inspection. However, even newly constructed homes can have problems and a proper inspection will identify these issues before you move in.

Failing to Seriously Consider the Inspection Report

The inspection report is very important and it should determine the next steps you need to take in order to make your potential home livable. Do not ignore any of these recommendations offered by the handyman Aurora CO.

Home inspection is an essential part of buying a home. Whether you are buying a new property or an old one, inspection will be needed to assess the quality of the structure.

The Treatment of Flowering Almond Bushes

Natives of China, flowering almonds (Prunus glandulosa and Prunus triloba) wear an amazing display in the backyard. The smaller of the two kinds of flowering almond. Dwarf flowering almond, or glandulosa, grows 3 to 4 feet broad and tall and creates pink or white flowers in -spring. P. Triloba grows 10 to 15 feet broad and tall, and generates masses of flowers early. Varieties like P. triloba “Multiplex” and P. glandulosa “Rosea Plena” function double flowers. Both kinds of almond develop through 14 and 9 . Both crops have treatment needs and the cultivation.

Soil and Website

Select. Flowering almond prefers. Enrich the soil as required by incorporating organic matter such as well- . Keep turf-grass four to six feet away from your plant. Test the pH level of the soil yearly. Flowering almonds choose a pH level that is slightly acidic to neutral. Coastal gardeners might have have a problem developing flowering almonds due to the intolerance of air of the plant.

Water and Mulch

Flowering almond prefers to keep its roots moist but not damp while it’s some drought tolerance. In extremely dry climate, in the event the soil throughout the plant is dry to some depth of many inches, water the plant seriously and gradually rather than often. Spread natural mulch but not touching — the root of the plant keep the roots cool in summer and to help preserve moisture. As it decomposes organic mulch also provides nutrients to the soil.


Fertilize in the period, utilizing a product high in phosphorus. Drench soil and the leaves if using water soluble fertilizer, and follow label instructions for application and mixing frequency. Fertilizer that is spread outward to the fringe of of the branches in the stem. Use a tiny bit of of fertilizer in accordance with the package instructions. Water the plant thoroughly to to clean the fertilizer to the soil.


Flowering crops that are almond might fall prey to various diseases and insect pests. Aphids, scale insects and borers cause injury and development to the foliage and stems. Spider mites and tent-creating caterpillars can cause issues. Use insecticidal soaps or horticultural oil to smother these pests, or use an insecticide. Choose goods labeled for use in managing the particular pest attacking the plant. Powdery mildew causes leaves to seem as though they have been dusted with baby-powder. Knot causes galls, on flowering branches or distended places. Prune afflicted places a way and treat having a fungicide. Keep the area throughout the flowering of weeds and plant particles. Sufficient ventilation proper fertilization and sunlight, and normal watering to keep the flowering bush wholesome are the finest defenses against pests and disease.


Flowering almonds could be pruned as so on as the plant finishes flowering. Flowers kind on the progress of the prior year’s, so minimize branches straight back to within several buds of the wood that is aged. Prune branches to shape the bush that is almond in to tree kind. Cut a-way lifeless or dis-eased wood asneeded.

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The best way to Grow Rhododendrons in Containers

You can find almost 1000 species of rhododendrons (Rhododendron spp.) and they increase in most places of the region, including Sunset’s Climate Zones 14 through 24. Rhododendrons are very easy develop in many climates and to care for. Rhododendrons can prosper in a container, provided which you supply all of them using the correct light, water and schedule if you have limited room. The blossoms enhance the curb appeal of your house and add looks to your porch or patio.

Clean an appropriately-sized rhododendron for the container. Opt for types and dwarf types which don’t grow over 4 4 or 5 feet tall. The selection Rhododendron daphnoides produces flowers which are blue and lavender in colour and reaches a peak of approximately 3-feet. The Bright Red Question cultivar grows to about 2-feet tall and produces scarlet blossoms.

Fill. Leave 3 or 4″ of room between the very top of the planting medium as well as the lip of the container.

Dig a hole in the planting medium that’s 2 to 3 times as broad and deep as the root ball. Put the plant to the hole and cover the roots with planting medium that is extra.

A layer of natural compost across the bottom of the rhododendron to assist the plant retain moisture. Keep the mulch from getting into contact. Reapply required through the entire growing season.

Place the container in partial shade or full sun to inspire flower and development production. Move the container, as required, when sunlight and the seasons change shifts.

The rhododendron when the soil gets dry. Poke your finger to the soil throughout the rhododendron. Water the plant using a hose or watering can, when it’s dry to the touch. Use enough water to carefully moisten the s Oil, which assures that sufficient dampness is got by the roots.

Apply a a skinny layer of fertilizer. Do this to motivate blossoming that is vigorous. So that you apply the proper amount follow the guidelines on the fertilizer.

Pinch off wilted and lifeless blossoms. Removing these retains the plant searching desirable and encourages mo-Re production of flowers.

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6 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

For the past 30 years, the size of bathrooms has become larger and larger. If you own an old home, then it’s highly possible that your bathroom is smaller compared to the ones in new houses. house repairs may be one of the solutions and the right tricks can help create the perception of a roomy bathroom. In this article, we are going to list a few of these tricks.


Asian houses usually have small bathrooms but they do know how to make them look big. A good design is adopting a contemporary Asian theme from the 1980s. This means that you’d want a Japanese Kaidan Tansu, which translates to “stepped chest.” It’s a good way of adding fluidity to a small space. The use of dark colors is also good at making the corners blend with the wall which expands the perceived space.

Beach Day

One of the best ways of expanding the perceived space is by associating the bathroom to something that has a lot of open space, namely the beach. You can start by getting rid of a needless closet. Then, add ambient lighting which is great at creating an illusion of space. You can use shallow cabinets for storage purposes. To highlight a stylish design, add a “dry riverbed” made of stones right into the floor.

His and Hers

This is a good handyman services project if you want something that has elements of masculinity and femininity at the same time. The main design elements are the continuing horizontal lines, a large frameless mirror, and strategically placed lighting. All these elements are aimed at creating the illusion of a larger space. You’d also want a shower with a curbless entry to maximize the foot space.

Simple and Elegant

If the budget is a bit tight, then you can go for something that’s simple and elegant. You can use a “curved front” vanity to maximize the space available as you can incorporate 2 drawers on rolling sliders. To give a side of elegance, use cherry wood on the drawers.

Zen Escape

A Zen theme is perfect for small handyman. After all, enjoying more with as little as possible is one of the cores of the Zen philosophy. Also, having a Zen escape is easy to do. The first thing you’d want to do is to remove all the unnecessary stuff in your bathroom. Give your bathroom a bit of Japanese taste by decorating it with a Shoji screen that spans from the floor to the ceiling. A huge mirror is also a great addition. A towel rack is good for adding storage without taking up too much space.

Small Spa Retreat

This bathroom idea is great if expanding the size of the room is not really an option. For starters, you’d want several mirrored surfaces to cover the bathroom. Then, you’d also want to add white marble tiles. A glass shower wall is great at eliminating visual barriers which make the bathroom feel more cramped. For the final touches, you’d want rich wood tones as they would create balance and add warmth.